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27. Dezember 2013

Landbrot mit süßem Starter

Topfbrot 2 Ich liebe Pandoro, doch selbst in der Weihnachtszeit schaffe ich es nicht immer, den aufwendigen “Süßen Starter” dafür anzuziehen. Ein “Süßer Starter” ist ein Sauerteig, bei dem durch häufiges Füttern (alle vier Stunden) und eine hohe Anzuchtemperatur die Hefevermehrung stark angeregt wird. Und dieses Jahr lag Weihnachten so schön, dass ich genügend Zeit gefunden habe, den Teig zu umhegen. Warum, so dachte ich mir also, backe ich nicht auch mal ein “normales” Brot mit diesem sehr aktiven Sauerteig? Und so habe ich bei den letzten zwei Fütterungen des süßen Starters die Mengen verdoppelt. Am nächsten Tag habe ich dann 100g abgezweigt und einen Vorteig damit angesetzt. Nach zwei Stunden hatte er sein Volumen bereits verdoppelt und nach vier Stunden sogar mehr als verdreifacht. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt habe ich dann den Teig geknetet, und nach drei Stunden war der Teig so stark aufgegangen, dass ich ihn formen konnte.


3. Dezember 2012

Bread Baking Day #54–Round up


When I announced BBD#54, I was so curios about the “Overnight”-Recipes. But then I had to wait … more or less patiently. It is so strange – I have a lot of patient when it  comes to bread baking – mixing a starter, let it develop, mix the dough, let it rise (probably overnight), baking it and then wait until the bread is cooled before slicing, that needs a lot of patiently waiting. But when I’m waiting for something to happen, like for the results of some very fascinating experiments in the lab or waiting for the entries for BBD, it is so hard to lean back and relax.

And so I’m very happy and exited that I can present you now all this great breads and rolls! We have sixteen entries from Thailand /Holland, Germany, Belgium, Canada, Sweden, Italy, Brazil, Spain, USA and Austria.

I tried to leave a comment at each post, but at one or two it was not possible because I lack the right type of account. So let me tell you here again that you all did a great job and that I enjoyed hosting this Bread Baking Day very much! The next BBD is hosted by Katha from Katha-kocht! and she will announce the theme at 6.December.

And now enjoy all these great Breads!



6. November 2012

Bread Baking Day #54: “Overnight”

breadbakingday54It’s been three years ago that I hosted Bread Baking Day, a  blog event which was created by Zorra about five years ago, and we had a great round-up with 48 delicious Sweet Breads. And here I am again, honoured to be hostess of Bread Baking Day #54, too!

After Zorra presented us  a great round-up with 342 breads from all over the world at the World Bread Day 2012 last month, it was time for me to think about a theme for Bread Baking Day in november. And while last time I needed to think a while to find the right theme, this time it was very easy for me . During the last – often very busy – year, I became a big fan of overnight recipes. There are so many possibilities to make overnight breads or rolls!  And so I decided it would be great to use BBD to gather ideas for overnight breads and rolls.

And so the theme of this month BBD is “Overnight”! You could proof your dough or the loaves and rolls in the fridge or even at room temperature.  Play around with a recipe you like and converted it in a overnight version or test something completely new. I’m very curios about your creations!