December 30th, 2015

Chocolate rounds

Schokoladentaler (2)Before we look back at the Blog year 2015 tomorrow, there is one last Christmas recipe I want to share with you. The little chocolate rounds are a delicious addition for the cookie plate and are a very nice little Present for everyone with a sweet tooth. And as they are easy to make they are a good last minute present as well!

For a good, shiny surface it is important to temper the chocolate. I do this by melting part of the chocolate, then adding the remaining part and then carefully heating it up to 30°C. This work best with a digital thermometer!

For the topping you can use what ever you like: dried fruits, nuts, candid fruits. I for myself prefer highly the variant with chopped (homemade) candid orange peel, as I like the contrast of sweet chocolate and the slightly bitter, fruity flavour of the Orange!


Chocolate rounds

For the rounds

Schokoladentaler (1)

  • 250g semi sweet chocolate coverture
  • 150g milk chocolate coverture


  • chopped almonds
  • chopped hazelnuts
  • candid orange peel
  • Pink Peppercorns
  • Fleur de Sel
  • raisins
  • Cranberries

Chop the chocolate and melt 2/3 over a water bath. Stir in the reaming chocolate and heat carefully to 30°C. Test the chocolate by dipping a cold spoon in the chocolate. Brush away excess chocolate and let cool. The chocolate should set with a shiny surface in 3 min.

Make little rounds of chocolate by giving a teaspoon of chocolate on a baking paper and distribute it with the spoon to a round coin. Top with nuts, almonds, candid fruits etc. and let the chocolate set.

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