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August 10th, 2016

Vegan Spelt Hörnchen

Vegane DinkelteilchenI love “Hörnchen” the halfmoon shaped pastry made of sweet challah or brioche dough since my childhood. And since I made the delicious Kifle I catched the “Hörnchen” fever once again. And so it was out of question what the third recipe for my vegan “one for all” sweet spelt dough had to be. They can be baked with reduced or no sugar, too. Then they are great with hearty spreads as well.

To achieve the form of this soft, fluffy breakfast pastry it is important to roll the dough out into a long and very thin oval and then roll it up again with some tension. To prevent them from touching each other while baking I worked the dough in two batches.

For a shiny brown crust I used a glaze made from roasted starch and water and applied before and after baking. The shine of this glaze is nearly as strong as the traditional egg glaze. Optional sprinkled with poppy seeds, this “Hörnchen” are the perfect breakfast treat fitting not only for those with dietary restrictions!


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July 23rd, 2016

Vegan Spelt Braid (One for All)

Veganer Dinkelzopf (2)I get the question for a sweet yeast dough without egg, milk or wheat regularly.  Depending on the dietary restrictions I sent the readers to this, this or that recipe. A dough “without everything” was missing until now. And so I promised to fill this gap.

The recipe I designed is a aromatic vegan spelt dough. Similar to my favourite braid I used here a mixture of firm and liquid fat: vegan margarine and oil. And while in a butter braid the butter flavour is very prominent, in this recipe a oil made of roasted walnuts takes over this role.

The dough recipe is a basic recipe which can be used in many different recipes. I used it to bake this braid, vegan spelt Hörnchen and nut pastry. The other recipes will follow in the next weeks.


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April 3rd, 2015

Bread Baking for Beginners VII: Soy yoghurt roll

Sojajoghurt-Brötchen (1)

Today we jump back once again to simple recipes without preferment because I got some mails asking if the sourcream or yoghurt can be replaced somehow to make the recipe free of lactose or vegan. The obvious idea was to replace the yoghurt with soy yoghurt and that was what I was suggesting. But I don’t like to advice something I did not tested and so I bought some soy yoghurt. And just repeating a recipe is borrowing and so I started to create a new recipe.  It contains a bit of rye flour which adds a hearty note to its flavour, the soy yoghurt give subtle sourness to the rolls. The crust is crisp, the crumb soft. And I can say that exchanging yoghurt with soy yoghurt works perfectly well!


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October 3rd, 2014


Gebrannte-Mandeln-ZopfThere are traditions I would never break with, like baking a nut braid for my colleagues for my birthday coffee break. Everyone loves this braid, its tender crumb with the generous amout of filling. And the filling helps to keep the braid fresh for a long time, too.

This year, anyway, I had to face a problem. A new colleague is allergic against hazel- and walnuts and is lactose intolerant, too. Luckily she can eat almonds and so I decided to bake a new kind of braid filled with caramelized almonds, tonka bean and a little bit of amaretto. The dough is made with lactose free margarine instead of butter but if you don’t have to cook laktose free I would suggest using butter for a even finer aroma.

Like the nut braid this braid is perfect for being taken to work because it tastes best the day after baking when all the different nuances of the spices melt together. The filling keeps the braid soft and fresh. But how much longer it could be kept I cannot tell you because 2 kg of almond braid where eaten from 16 persons in shortest time. Not a crumb was left!

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January 11th, 2014

Three Grain Burger Buns


I love homemade (vegetarian) Burger. And when really everything – from burger patty to the bun – is made by myself, it did not longer deserve the term “fast food”.

To push this dish to the healthy side, I bake the buns this time with 50% whole grain flour. The whole grain flour is a mixture of self milled spelt, wheat and buckwheat. This is not only healthy but it adds a deep nutty flavour to the buns as well. The only problem when baking with whole grain flour is that they tend to get dense and dry. To prevent this I made a hot soaker with some of whole grain flour and used the rest for autolysis so the bran could absorb as much water as possible.Adding some sourdough starter from the fridge as well as some malt helps to create round flavour.

The buns were great, with a soft and tender crumb, and together with some lentil cauliflower patties and a lot of lettuce and tomatoes they were a delicious dinner. And the leftover buns tasted good as breakfast roll with some honey or marmalade, too!

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September 23rd, 2012



When I bake cake to celebrate with my colleagues (e.g. at my birthday) it is some kind of tradition to include a nut filled braid. But sometimes I need to break out of the routine and so I decided to bring a marzipan braid this year, too.

I make a dough with sourdough, which kept the braid fresh for 2 days (well, the small left over of it at least). But if anyone don’t like sourdough in a sweet pastry, the 1.5 amount of dough from the nut filled braid would go nicely with the filling, too.

The filling contains beside marzipan grounded almonds, some bread crumbs and egg white. The mixture is lovely, the taste of marzipan is dominant without overpowering the aroma from the dough.

It is a recipe for Marzipan lovers – and you can find a lot of some among my colleagues. And so everyone was very happy with this new recipe!

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September 1st, 2012

Burger buns

Burgerbrötchen (2)A happy bubbling sourdough greeted me in my summer warm kitchen when I came home from work two weeks ago. In the morning I had refreshed the sourdough because I promised to bring sourdough for a colleague.

When I was standing in the kitchen, thinking about what to cook for dinner, I looked at the sourdough and rembered that we had frozen some burger patties for the boyfriend when we made burgers the last time. And in the fridge I had tofu, perfect for my vegetarian burgers. And here was the sourdough, ready to bake some burger buns.

Until the  boyfriend came home from work one hour later, the dough for the buns was already rising. And two hours later we sat in the kitchen and enjoyed our burgers.

I’m very happy with this recipe. The buns had a very thin crust, a terrific soft crumb and such a nice complex taste due to the sourdough! Continue reading

May 14th, 2012

Burger Buns – Overnight Variation

Burgerbrötchen The second kind of bread I bake for our BBQ-Party was Burger Buns for the grilled Burger we planed to make.

To tweak my recipe I baked them now a couple of times and are very pleased with the recipe. An important point to archive a fluffy, regular crumb is to knead the dough long enough to ensure that the gluten network is fully developed. The crumb will be very soft and pillowy then. The crust is soft, too, like a perfect burger bun, but the bun has much more substance then the buns you can buy in the supermarket.

The slow and long overnight proofing create a complex aroma and prevent the crust of the buns from cracking open uncontrolled. They gain colour fastly due to the egg and sugar in the dough, so it’s better to keep an eye on them while they are baking.

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October 31st, 2011


Quitten-Mandel-ZopfIts nearly two weeks ago that I posted a recipe! At the moment my work is once again consuming most of my time, but hopefully this part of my Ph.d. thesis will be finished successfully in soon future. I will tell you more about it then.

The bad thing with stressful days is that it makes me always susceptible for colds. After I had a really bad at the beginning of October the second cold for this month sent me last week straight to my bed again. I drank a lot of tea, eats a lot of vitamins and now the fever is gone. I am just still very hoarse and coughing badly.

But I am fit enough once again for reading blogs and for baking. Paule baked Quitten-Schuedi this weekend, a cake with yeast dough and quince sauce. I liked the Idea of using some of last years quince sauce I had still in the freezer. I need new space to freeze my share of quince from my parents garden that at the moment is still waiting in a small laundry basket in my kitchen. Continue reading

July 7th, 2011


MohnzopfThe weekend two weeks ago was very rainy and grey, and after a exhausting week in the lab I was in a really bad mood. But instead of staring out of window and asking myself where the summer has gone I decided to do something that cheers me up. Baking something is always good to brighten me up and it is my favourite cure against stress and and bad moods.  To knead a dough, to feel how it develops and becomes soft and silky, to see how the dough slowly rise and to smell how the tempting aromas fill the house when it bakes in the oven relaxes me and make me happy again.

This time I decided to bake a Mohnstriezel (Poppy seed braid). Because the taste of poppy seeds alone in the filling can be overpowering I decided to mix the grounded poppy seeds with semolina pudding which I flavoured with some lemon peel. And because its sometime boring to use always the same form for this kind of bread I did a variation and cut the filled dough halfway in slices and fan them a little bit. This looks very attractive and taste so good!

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