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May 28th, 2011


MadeleineMarcel Proust connected the taste of Madeleines with memories of his childhood, as he described in “Remembrance of things past”. I do not have any associatations of the taste of Madeleins with memories of my days as a child because the first time I ate a madeleine is only some weeks ago when I used my new madeleine pan for the first time.

But it was love on the first bite. They are a little bit crisp when they are fresh from the oven with a spongy crumb.

Their taste a little bit eggy and my sister told me that their taste reminds her at the egg cookies we ate when we were children (and there he is, the “Proust moment”). My recipe is fructose reduced and lactose free because I used rice malt syrup and Margarine. Of course you can replace the margarine with butter and the syrup with a mild creamy honey like spring flower honey or fruit flower honey when you don`t have to think about such restrictions.

I made the madeleine at the moment often, they are so delicious, beautiful and so easy and fast to bake!

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April 2nd, 2011

Korvapuustit – Finnish cinnamon rolls

Finnische ZimtbrötchenMy colleagues are the best colleagues in the world and so I protested when they claim that I would NEVER bake cinnamon rolls for them. That is just partly true, but in the last month I bring nut triangles or cookies for our morning coffee break. And so its been a really long time since I bring cinnamon rolls.

So I promised to better myself Zwinkerndes Smiley and looked at the internet for a interesting recipe. A recipe that hooked me directly is the one for Korvapuustit – a Finnish cinnamon roll with a very nice shape. And I like cinnamon rolls with a nice shape! They remind me of Hamburger Franzbrötchen, who knows, maybe they are distant relatives?

Because two of my colleagues are lactose intolerant I create a recipe without dairy, similar to my lactose free challah, but with an additional Water roux to make the rolls more fluffy.  And I included a for me  essential spice for Scandinavian cinnamon rolls: cardamom.

When you serve them still oven warm with a cup of coffee then everyone will be happy! Smiley Continue reading

January 2nd, 2011

Egg liqueur Mousse

Eierlikör-MousseFor me it is not so easy to find of a dessert without Fructose (fruits, lots of vegetables),  Histamine (nuts, chocolate) and Lactose (dairy). The things that come to my mind are (vanilla) ice cream and panna cotta, both made with lactose free products.  But I always like to bring something especially delicious for my mum when we meet for occasions like Christmas or new years eve. Something she likes very much, something that make she forget all of the troubles cooking means for her. And so I keep looking for new Ideas.

Lucky for me Ulrike posted for her project “Cooking without convenience products”a recipe for egg liqueur mousse shortly after christmas. Continue reading

December 23rd, 2010

Black and white Kisses

Schwarz-Weiße KüsschenWhen I saw the Black&White Kisses from foodmayhem at Tastespotting  I fall in love with this little meringue puffs. I had to bake them directly! And because I planned to bake linzer cookies I used half of the dough for the kisses instead.  And some left over egg white I always found in my kitchen during Christmas baking.

I use all my left over chocolate which I grind finely. I used about three times of the chocolate amount the recipe ask for.

To make the cookies lactose free I prepared the dough with margarine.

The small kisses are beautiful, delicious and easy to do. I like the feeling when the kisses melt in the mouth. Chocolate and meringue are a perfect couple. Another new Christmas favourite. Continue reading

December 18th, 2010

Vanillekipferl(without nuts or almonds)

VanillekipferlVanilla crescents without nuts or almonds? And then made with margarine instead of butter, too?

When baking for friends and family members with special diets like lactose free and with as less histamine as possible you have to consider some details: You can not use any kind of nuts and diary products are not permitted.

But what is Christmas without Vanillekipferl? To me this cookies belong to Christmas like candles and Christmas trees. So I started to search the web for alternative recipes. I found few and all said that the crescents are not as brittle as the original version. I could not accept this and started to create my own recipe basing on my usual Vanillekipferl-Recipe.  I replaced the almonds with starch which made the cookies as brittle as the Kipferl made with almonds. Continue reading

September 5th, 2010

Vanilla Cardamom Fans

Vanille Kardamon FächerLast Sunday we visit my sister in the new house. Because “it’s always good to have some pastry during renovation” (that’s what my sister told me early on the phone) I decided to bring something sweet.

I was longing for something fluffy yeasted pastry. So I thought first of my favourite braid filled with nuts. But then I remembered that my parents would join us, too and my mum suffers of lactose and fructose intolerance. So the braid was out of question, we need something without milk and nuts.

So I started to think: What happened when I just leave out the nuts? Then I would end up with dried breadcrumbs as filling. Hmmm. Bread crumb as filling sounded a little bit strange. But on the other hand we eat noodles with sugar and bread crumbs as children, and we liked it. So I give the idea a try and the filling worked out just fine.

Seasoned with Cardamom and Vanilla nobody missed the nuts. And its a good way to used up dried breadcrumbs. Continue reading

April 11th, 2010


Mohnkranz Mohnkuchen wird im Moment viel gebacken. Chaosqueen hat Schmandkuchen mit Mohn gebacken, bei Fool for Food und Zorra von 1x umrühren bitte gab es Mohnzopf zu Ostern. Und auch ich reihe mich die Reihe der Mohnkuchen-Bäcker ein, denn meine Mama hat sich zu ihrem Geburtstag Mohnkuchen gewünscht. Und da sie weder Laktose noch Fruktose verträgt, musste ich mein Rezept etwas abändern. Fruktosefrei zu backen ist unmöglich, aber Fruktosearm geht. Daher wurde ein Teil des Zucker durch Traubenzucker (Glukose) ersetzt. Der Teig ist der gleiche wie der für die laktosefrei Challah, die Füllung habe ich ganz leicht an das Rezept aus “Handbuch des täglichen Backens” angelehnt(ganz leicht heißt: keine Milch, keine M

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November 15th, 2009

Challah (lactose free)

challah laktosefrei (2)Wenn I bake a sweet Zopf for breakfast on sunday, I use normally milk in the dough. But these weekend I needed a dairy free bread, so I had to modify my recipe. I use these Challah recipe and replace milk and butter with water and oil and increase the amount of egg while I degrease the sugar amount.

The dough was soft but very easy to work with, so making a six stranded braid was easy. Braiding a six strand gets easier every time I do it. I still have to murmur the direction to me (second one left to the far right, left to the middle …) but I am getting faster. Continue reading