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January 2nd, 2011

Egg liqueur Mousse

Eierlikör-MousseFor me it is not so easy to find of a dessert without Fructose (fruits, lots of vegetables),  Histamine (nuts, chocolate) and Lactose (dairy). The things that come to my mind are (vanilla) ice cream and panna cotta, both made with lactose free products.  But I always like to bring something especially delicious for my mum when we meet for occasions like Christmas or new years eve. Something she likes very much, something that make she forget all of the troubles cooking means for her. And so I keep looking for new Ideas.

Lucky for me Ulrike posted for her project “Cooking without convenience products”a recipe for egg liqueur mousse shortly after christmas. Continue reading

December 18th, 2010

Vanillekipferl(without nuts or almonds)

VanillekipferlVanilla crescents without nuts or almonds? And then made with margarine instead of butter, too?

When baking for friends and family members with special diets like lactose free and with as less histamine as possible you have to consider some details: You can not use any kind of nuts and diary products are not permitted.

But what is Christmas without Vanillekipferl? To me this cookies belong to Christmas like candles and Christmas trees. So I started to search the web for alternative recipes. I found few and all said that the crescents are not as brittle as the original version. I could not accept this and started to create my own recipe basing on my usual Vanillekipferl-Recipe.  I replaced the almonds with starch which made the cookies as brittle as the Kipferl made with almonds. Continue reading