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April 10th, 2016

Oat Twins

Haferzwillinge (3)The second bread wich I baked for the “Schwarzmarkt” was a oatmeal bread. My love for oat shines through one or the other recipe and so I made up my mind quite fast that a bread with oats would be a “must have” for the Schwarzmarkt. This time I opted for a rolled oats partly as porridge, and partly roasted. The porridge makes the bread moist and keeps it fresh for a long time, while the roasted oats add flavour and a nice texture to the crumb. The bread is risen by only the sourdough and rye poolish, which makes the flavour deep and complex.

To get four breads into the oven, I decided to bake them as “Twins” which means that I proof two round loaves in one oval proofing basket. The breads fuse while baking on the side they touch each other, but are easily seperated when cooled down.

I like my oat twins very much, with their dark crust and moist crumb, and the slight honey flavour in combination with nutty oats it is harmonize with cheese as well as with honey or jam. A bread, suitable for every meal!


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February 27th, 2016

Walnut & Porridge Bread

Walnuss und Hafergrütz-Brot (1)Whenever we spent our vacation in nothern Germany, I have to buy something I have troubles to find in the Rhineland: Steel cut oats! I like them very much, not for the kale stew like it is typical in North Germany, but for making porridge or baking bread. A porridge is such a good addition to a bread, adding some bite and a good deal of moisture and helping to keep the bread fresh for a long time. Especially for spelt bread it is a good addition as spelt has the tendency to bake dry without added soaker.

The bread I baked last week contains the trio of spelt, oat and walnuts. All three are somehow nutty flavoured and it feels natural to me to combine all of them in a bread. The preferment is a whole spelt sourdough which I grow over to stages to contain the mild lactic acid flavour I love so much. And the combination of joghurt-like notes of the sourdough and the nutty flavours of the grain and the nut makes this bread to one these I enjoy most plain or just with some butter and sprinkles of salt flakes. A clear favourite of mine!


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October 10th, 2015

Porridge Bread

Hafergrütz-Brot (3)This is a leftover – recipe which I created while looking through my storage: I had a open bottle lingering in the kitchen after baking the Swan King Bread. The sweet starter needed urgently a feeding and in the pantry I found another box of steel cut oat, a souvenir from our last trip to the East Frisian coast.

I decided to soak the steel cut oat in hot water instead of boiling it so it keeps a certain bite. And the generous portion of roasted sesame together with oats and emmer gives the bread a very delicous nutty flavour, while the malt beer adds a subtle sweetness. The right bread for the first cold and rainy days in autumn.


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April 24th, 2013

Champions Bread


Cinzia from Cindystar asked us to bake Bread with seeds and flakes for Bread Baking Day. When my mum asked me for a recipe for “Weltmeister-Brot” (Champions Bread) I knew directly that this would be perfect for this theme.

It is not clear, why this bread is called champions bread. Some Bakers from the german island Sylt claim that they invented it, while others connect it with the swabian soccer player Klinsmann, who is a baker by trade. I can only tell you, that I ate both champions bread and rolls first as a child in the 90th during our family holiday in East Frisia.

I saw the champions bread either baked in a tin or formed as a batard, but I like the batard more. But the recipe would work in a tin, too.

I like the bread very much, with its light and soft crumb and a thick, crunchy crust covered with a lot of seeds. That’s a bread I like!

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March 29th, 2013

Multigrain Batards

MehrkornstangeIn Germany it is a tradition to bring salt and bread as a present when friends or family moved into a new home. The present symbols wealth and luck for the new home.

When Zorra moved her Blog to a new address, my first thought was, that I should bring Bread for her, at least virtually. And then Zorra asked for Bread for a Blogwarming Party at the Bread baking Day. But no salt is needed, because she has  still a big stock!

It is always harder for me to decide what kind of bread I should bake when there is a theme with nearly no restrictions. So many breads are possible :-). At the End I decided to go for multigrain batards, which are covered with seeds. A great Bread for any party, delicious on its own, but although great with some butter and fleur de Sel!

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February 17th, 2013

Flake rolls


At winter mornings when one look out of the window make me shiver I need something warm and filling before I go out in the dark and cold morning to catch my train. A porridge made with rolled oats is easily made and a favourite winter breakfast since my childhood. Sometimes I buy a rolled grain mix instead of rolled oats to have a variation for breakfast. This grain mix contains rolled oats, wheat, barley, rye and spelt and is very delicious.

One morning I decided that I could add some porridge into a bread dough, too. And so I made some overnight rolls with rolled grains and porridge. The roll stay nicely moist but the dough was easily to handle, too.

For baking the rolls I used the same trick as for my “normal” rolls: I placed the rolls together with a small oven proof bowl on a baking tray, filled the bowl with boiling water and covered them with a second baking tray. The steam is trapped between the baking sheets what improved the oven spring quite nicely. It is similar to baking a bread in a dutch oven. After half of the baking time I removed the cover and the bowl.

With this trick the rolls turned out great. A soft crumb with a crunchy crust, a complex flavour due to the long rise over night which underlines the nutty taste of the rolled grains.

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January 13th, 2013

Crispy Bran Rolls

Kleie-KnusperchenWhen I tidied my storage cupboard some days ago, I found a bag with oat bran, something I bought a while ago for baking. But then it disappeared behind some flour bags and I forgot about it. Out of sight, out of mind! But after I rediscovered them I wanted to use them as soon as possible. And so I thought about a recipe for our Sunday morning rolls which includes some oat bran.

Because I love yoghurt in bread so much and also because I had some yoghurt left, I decided to put it into the dough, too.

When I formed the rolls I had a flash of creativity and decided to fold the tips of the quadrat to the middle. During the baking they partly unfold, forming a lot of crispy crust. The bran I sprinkle over the rolls enhanced their crispiness, too.

I’m quite happy with them, they are soft inside but crispy outside. Just what I like for a breakfast roll.

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January 21st, 2012

Buttermilk Bread with rolled Oats

Haferflocken-Buttermilch-Brot Its time again for a whole grain bread her in the Blog. The last weeks I baked mostly Breads I posted before but last weekend I created a new recipe, using two of my favourite ingredients: rolled oats and buttermilk.

I proofed the breads in baskets in the fridge and they develop a lot of aroma during the proofing. I was very skeptical in the beginning, when I read that in Tartine they proof sourdough breads in the fridge. Its a methode I used for breads made with yeast before, but I was afraid, that sourdough breads would be to sour. And I really don’t like sour bread. But nothing like this happend and now its one of my favourite proofing methods! It seperate preparing dough and baking and that is the perfect method in stressful times for me.

The bread has dense crumb and is rather moist, which enhance its shelflife. It’s a delicious and filling basis for lunch break.

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November 21st, 2011

Three grains bread with Cider

Dreikornbrot mit Cider

Autumn means for me nuts, especially hazelnuts and walnuts. But I bake already a Potato bread with walnuts, Apple-Hazelnut Bread and Pain aux Levain aux grains mélangés e noisettes. And before everyone (including myself) get bored with so much breads with nuts I decided to bake a bread with cider for BreadBakingDay because Apples are strongly connected with autumn for me, too.

The recipe I created included a small portion rye, just enough for some nice taste but not enough to challenge my stomach. I used some rolled oats and whole wheat flour, together with grounded caraway seeds which gave the bread a very nice taste. And spiced bread belongs to autumn/winter for me, too.

I liked the bread very much, especially with a hearty cheese and homemade mustard.

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October 16th, 2011

Maple syrup and oats bread

Ahornsirup-Haferflocken-BrotI can’t believe it already another year is gone and Zorra asks us to bake a bread for WorldBreadDay.

For me baking bread is not extraordinary and so I decided to honour this day with an ingredients which is special for me: Maple syrup.

Normally I would not use such a lavish amount of maple syrup because maple syrup is rather expensive here, but I fall in love with Noah Elbers Maple-Oatmeal-Bread MC published on her bread baking blog Farine last year and I always planed to bake it, too. But its nearly impossible to get steel-cut oat here, and so I decided to use rolled oats instead. But rolled oats need more water when you soak them and so I started to modify the recipe. And its so hart to stop modifing once you started, so I increased the whole wheat amount (I like breads with whole wheat) and reduced the water amount in the dough to compensate the higher water amount in the soaker. Continue reading