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October 8th, 2011

Apple casserole with rolled oat topping

ApfelauflaufIn Germany we had a lot of sun at the end of September to balance the wet and cold summer. The last warm days made the apples on my parents apple tree delicious sweet. But with the begin of October the weather changed to “real” autumn with 10°C as highest temperature, rain and storm.

I was longing for something sweet and warm for dessert to warm me from inside. Something sweet made with the delicious hand picked apples. I longed for the sweedish apple casserole topped with thin-rolled oats. A colleague of mine baked it for her birthday last winter – but forget to give the recipe to me until now.

And so I made the crust like I thought it would work.

And it taste good – who needs a recipe?

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January 8th, 2011

Sourdough bread with roasted oat

HaferflockenbrotI fell in love with the sourdough bread with roasted oats when I saw it at Martins blog. And then Petra bake the bread for World Bread Day. And I knew I had to bake it, too.  Ulrike and Ursula where fast then me baked it directly. For me it take much more time. First I had to spent to much time in lab (I had busy times last year) and then I had to start a new starter.

But during Christmas and new years eve I had some off and I spent on of them for bread baking day. I baked Pandoro, Ciabatta, a new year pretzel and the sourdough bread with roasted oat. And to use the oven as good as possible I doubled the recipe.

The gentle kneading methode Martin use is for perfect when both bowls of the kitchen machine are already blocked with dough. Martin mix the dough shortly with a wooden spoon and then fold the dough every 30 min for three times.  After the third folding the gluten was very finely developed. And feeling the soft structure of the dough is better then every kind of meditation for me.

And the resulting bread is great. Airy crumb, crisp crust and the delicious flavour of roasted oatmeal. That is a bread for the “bake it again” list. Continue reading

August 29th, 2010

Schwarzbier Bread


I belived that I would have to skip this BBD #33. There was so much work in the lab and I have to use most of my creativ potential to solve all the problems with my troublesome experiments.

But then I saw Köstritzer Schwarzbier during my weekend shopping and my brain started to work immediately. Some seconds later I had a recipe for a Schwarzbier bread in mind. And that was perfect because the theme of this month BBD is “Bread with Booze”. So I placed a bottle of Schwarzbier in my shopping basket and changed all of my plans for Baking.

The bread that resulted of this flash of inspiration has a dark colour and a crispy crust because of the beer. I can taste a subtle taste of Schwarzbier but its not to strong to overpower the other flavours. The sweetness of honey complete the taste of the bread.

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June 3rd, 2010

Seeded Bread with two preferments


I did not planed to post this recipe (I posted some similar recipes already) but the boyfriend praised this bread so much that I decided to write it down in case he asked me to bake it again.

For this bread I had to smuggle sunflower seeds in the house and to my surprise he did not find it in the pantry. But as soon as I opened the package he appeared in the kitchen and started to nibble the seeds. But at this time I had the amount I needed already weighed.

I used two preferments for this bread: Sourdough and Pâte fermentée which gave a lot of flavour to the bread while the soaked rolled oats and flax seeds made it nicely moist.

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May 30th, 2010

Granola Bars


Last week Steph of Kleiner Kuriositätenladen baked granola bars for the Blogevent “Essen für Unterwegs” (which I hosted this month). Her recipe contains cranberries but no nuts. I wanted my own granola bars, but I wanted something with nuts, something with almonds and apricots.

So I did a research at Tastespotting and after reading some recipes I had a plan. I combined details of different recipes: oat meal, rolled oats, almonds, apricots, some seeds. Then I add some egg white to the mixture to improve the texture.

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January 31st, 2010

Spelt Oat Whole grain cookies

When I have to stay in lab until late in the evening, I need some carbohydrates somewhere at the late afternoon or early evening to refresh myself. One or two cookies are perfect for that, best with some coffee and a chat with my colleagues.

My favourite cookies are wholegrain, with a lot of oats inside. I love this nutty flavour of oat cookies. When I saw the recipe for digestive biscuits on Swirl & Scramble I knew I had to test it!

I made some minor changes due to my pantry: I used freshly ground spelt and oat, replace brown sugar with raw sugar and add some homemade vanilla sugar. I also add a pinch of salt as I always do when cooking something sweet.

The cookies turned out perfect. So good that I bake the double amount! Continue reading