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February 17th, 2013

Flake rolls


At winter mornings when one look out of the window make me shiver I need something warm and filling before I go out in the dark and cold morning to catch my train. A porridge made with rolled oats is easily made and a favourite winter breakfast since my childhood. Sometimes I buy a rolled grain mix instead of rolled oats to have a variation for breakfast. This grain mix contains rolled oats, wheat, barley, rye and spelt and is very delicious.

One morning I decided that I could add some porridge into a bread dough, too. And so I made some overnight rolls with rolled grains and porridge. The roll stay nicely moist but the dough was easily to handle, too.

For baking the rolls I used the same trick as for my “normal” rolls: I placed the rolls together with a small oven proof bowl on a baking tray, filled the bowl with boiling water and covered them with a second baking tray. The steam is trapped between the baking sheets what improved the oven spring quite nicely. It is similar to baking a bread in a dutch oven. After half of the baking time I removed the cover and the bowl.

With this trick the rolls turned out great. A soft crumb with a crunchy crust, a complex flavour due to the long rise over night which underlines the nutty taste of the rolled grains.

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