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October 16th, 2018

Traveller’s Bread

Reise-Brot (2)[7]During the baking course last weekend one of the participants wished a recipe for a bread which can be baked without much equipment in a caravan. Choosing grains which has to be kneaded only a short time came to our mind directly. And so I suggest a bread with a mixture of emmer and spelt flour in combination with some flax seeds, sunflower seeds and walnuts for an additional flavour boost. This combination makes it although a nourishing snack for long trips. And baking the bread in a bread pan gives it the right form to fit in every bread box.

And as it is the World bread day today, I will send this little fellow on a virtual travel around the world with all the breads that Zorra will collect as each year on her blog!

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October 16th, 2017

Backes Bread

Backes-Brot-23October means that its time again for World Bread Day. And as I baked bread in the wood fired community oven of our local history museum,  I have a real “Backes Bread”. The Word “Backes” means community bread baking house in our dialect. And baking bread in such a “Backes” means sharing a great feeling of society. There are not so many other things that creates a sense of community then some loaves of bread made and shared with one another.

And so this bread is a bread meant for sharing. It is baked by placing two small loaves in one proofing basket. The ingredients of the bread is a bit inspired by leftovers: mashed potatoes, some quark and a bit of whole emmer flour. The Quark and Potatoes make the crumb moist while the emmer adds a deep nutty flavour.

The breads left the oven with a real dark crust – something that can happen by this more archaic way of baking. And it fits somehow very well with the bread, it adds a slight smoky flavour – and that goes extremely well with a bread from a wood fired oven.

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October 16th, 2015

Sweet Potato Rolls

Kartoffelweckchen (4)And this can happen in our house as well: the fridge is empty when I was sure that there should be some breakfast rolls left. And at nine in the evening not even I start to think about making a quick preferment for rolls. Instead I made a short stocktaking in the kitchen and found some left over boiled potatoes, cream and eggs in the fridge. With them I mixed a sweet dough for rolls. Like the dough for my favourite braid this dough has to rest in the fridge for at least one hour, but can stay there over night as well.

That’s what I did and the next morning I just had to form the rolls, proof and bake them.  And even while I normally prefer rolls made with preferment and a more complex flavour, I was quite pleased with them. Due to potatoes and cream they have a very soft, fluffy crumb which can be torn into long fibres. The perfect sweet roll.


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October 16th, 2014

Pumpkin rolls


It’s again this time of the year: Zorra asks all of us to bake a bread for world bread day. Since I have a blog of my own I follow her call and post a delicious recipe on 16. of october, This year I found inspiration for the recipe in the big, plumb pumpkins we harvested in the garden of the parents from my love.

When I use homemade pumpkin puree the water content always vary and this make it difficult to repeat the recipe. And so I took my old but beloved juice centrifuge  and juiced 600g pumpkin. I got nearly 340g juice. I used it to make a poolish in the morning and kneaded a dough with more juice and the poolish in the evening. I formed the rolls before I went to bed and let the rolls proof in the fridge. At the next morning I only had to bake the rolls.

The rolls got a dark golden crust and a soft yellow crumb. They have a strong, delicious pumpkin flavour – as good as rolls with pumpkin puree – and the preferment and the long, cold proof for a complex flavour. And the the remaining pumpkin marc from juicing can be cooked in a pumpkin soup. And to the pumpkin soup you can of course serve this rolls…

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October 16th, 2013

Pumkin Potato Bread baked in a baking frame


Some time ago my boyfriend built me a beautiful wooden baking frame. The frame is now well burned in, oiled and ready to use. And so I baked last weekend a potato pumpkin bread.

I found a sliced halve of a big butternut pumpkin from last year while I sorted the freezer. To make room for something new, I decided to use it in a bread. I baked the pumpkin side by side with some potatoes in the oven. To bake vegetables in the oven enhances the flavours. The already good flavour of the butternut gets even more intense. And this intense flavour can now be tasted in the bread, too, along with the complex flavour of the sourdough.

A great bread – or better said four – for World Bread Day 2013!

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October 16th, 2012

Yoghurt Bread


It is amazing how fast the year flies. It is already autumn and World Bread Day is knocking on my door. And because baking a bread with yoghurt for this day is somehow traditionally for me, I decided to bake again a Yoghurt bread in this year.

As preferment I decided to use Pâte Fermentée. I did not use this preferment for a bread for quite some time. I don’t know why because Pâte Fermentée is such a patient preferment. While Sourdough or Poolish are not willing to wait when they reach their peak the Pâte Fermentée will sit in the fridge until the baker finds time to come to kitchen and bake.

The Bread I pull from the oven the next morning (the loaf proofed in the fridge over night) had a nice even crumb which stays moist for a long time due to the yoghurt. Very delicious!

Happy Bread Baking Day!

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October 16th, 2011

Maple syrup and oats bread

Ahornsirup-Haferflocken-BrotI can’t believe it already another year is gone and Zorra asks us to bake a bread for WorldBreadDay.

For me baking bread is not extraordinary and so I decided to honour this day with an ingredients which is special for me: Maple syrup.

Normally I would not use such a lavish amount of maple syrup because maple syrup is rather expensive here, but I fall in love with Noah Elbers Maple-Oatmeal-Bread MC published on her bread baking blog Farine last year and I always planed to bake it, too. But its nearly impossible to get steel-cut oat here, and so I decided to use rolled oats instead. But rolled oats need more water when you soak them and so I started to modify the recipe. And its so hart to stop modifing once you started, so I increased the whole wheat amount (I like breads with whole wheat) and reduced the water amount in the dough to compensate the higher water amount in the soaker. Continue reading

October 16th, 2010


ToastbrotThis bread results from a misunderstanding. My boyfriend asked if I could bake this delicious “Toastbrot” again. He was thinking about this bread that I baked already in different a Variation for last World Bread Day. I used this fast and easy recipe often in the last month because it is delicious and easy. And delicious and easy recipes were what was needed in the last busy month.

But I would never call it “Toastbrot”. It is very soft and fluffy for a whole wheat bread but typical “Toastbrot” is a white bread for me.

So I designed a recipe for a soft white sandwich bread and vanished into the kitchen. And when I just started to put the loaves into the pans my boyfrind look into the kitchen, take a look into the pans and asked me puzzled what I was baking. Well, that’s toastbrot, isn’t it? Continue reading

October 16th, 2009

Joghurt-Honig-Vollkornbrot mit Pâte fermentée

Joghurt-Honig Brot mit VorteigZorra von 1x umrühren bitte hat zum 4ten Mal zur Teilnahme am World Bread Day aufgerufen. Dem komme ich natürlich nur zu gerne nach. Jeder, der am 16.10.09 ein Brot bäckt und verbloggt oder auch über ein gekauftes Brot einen Post schreibt, kann daran teilnehmen. Man muß nur bis zum 17.10. seinen Beitrag über das Formula auf Zorras Seite anmelden.

Mein Brot für den World Bread Day ist im Grunde kein neues Rezept. In ähnlicher Form habe ich es hier mit Buttermilch und hier mit Joghurt gebacken. Aber diese Variante mit Pâte fermentée gefällt mir am Besten. Es ist so wunderbar locker geworden, dass man nie denken würde, dass es sich hierbei um ein Vollkornbrot handelt! Durch den etwas höheren Buttergehalt eignet es sich auch sehr gut als Toastbrot, doch ich esse es lieber ungetoastet entweder zum Frühstück mit Honig oder mit Salat und Käse als Sandwich. Continue reading