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July 26th, 2019

French Toast

Armer Ritter French Toast (2)The last two weeks were busy ones.  My sister is moving and so I spent the beginning of the summer holidays with sorting stuff out, packing boxes, carrying furniture from the third level to the transporter and renovating. My own household tasks were left alone during that time. And so I spend my first “real” day off with cleaning the kitchen thoroughly.

Around lunch time I got hungry and when I spotted some left over braid from the weekend a plan formed in my brain.  I marked Gabis recipe for french toast already some time ago and now was the right time to test it. A peach, already a bit overripe, was sliced and served along.

And I was  very pleased with the “Arme Ritter” (literally “poor knight”) as the dish is called in Germany. A perfect way to use left over bread

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April 7th, 2017

Das Urige

Das Urige (1)Inspiration is a strange thing: there are phases with only few ideas and then there are phase when my mind is so full that I nearly don’t know which bread I should bake first. At the moment I have so many recipe drafts waiting to a test bake. And then comes a new recipe idea from a reader and sometimes I like the idea so much that it overtakes them all.

The description of the Urigs-Brot was such a case. A moist bread with fine crumb and mild sourdough flavour, baked in a pan with the seam side up. I was hooked and started to draft the recipe immediately. As I prefer to bake with local grains and flours instead of importing it from all corners of the world, I had to change from “Ruchmehl” to Flour type 1150. With some physillium husks for more moisture and two different sourdoughs and a cold rise in the fridge for a deep, complex flavour. Continue reading

August 21st, 2011


OfenschlupferWhen I have some old sweet rolls I love to use them in the swabian variation of bread pudding. It is called “Ofenschlupfer” and consists traditional of sliced rolls and apples, soaked with eggs and milk, sprinkled with sugar and baked until golden. It is one of my favourite dishes of my childhood.

In the last years I forget this family recipe a little bit. What a pitty – it is such a delicious dish, a of a soft bread layer under a crispy crust, a mixture of tangy fruits and sweet caramel. Served with a vanilla sauce it is a great dessert (or main dish if you choose not to share it)

Today I prepared a variation of the traditional recipe and used blueberries instead of apples.

It tasted great and I promised myself that I will cook Ofenschlupfer more often in future! Continue reading

May 9th, 2010

Pizza dough with sourdough and poolish…

Collage … or the pizza dough who wanted to be a bread.

I just planed to bake a simple pizza. But after JT’s delicious rustic bread I though that I should try another pizza dough variation with Sourdough and Poolish. And after kneading I could already feel how good the result would be. The gluten structure was very nice and the dough rose very good. After folding the dough the first time I knew this dough has to become a bread.

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March 7th, 2010

Multigrain bread

DSC_1713When Steve of Bread Cetera posted a recipe for Multigrain bread recently I knew that this is a recipe I had to try because I love any kind of Multigrain bread!

I changed some smaller details of the recipe due to my pantry: I replaced sunflower seeds with sesame seeds because sunflower seeds survive seldom long enough in our pantry to go into a bread dough. Then I used cracked spelt instead of cracked wheat just because I liked to add another grain into the dough and then I did not get any high gluten flour here so I bake it with normal flour (Type 550). I think that the missing high gluten flour is the reason why I did not get a so open crump! But missing open crumb do not effect the taste! The bread is very delicious, a bread I will bake again! Continue reading

October 16th, 2009

Joghurt-Honig-Vollkornbrot mit Pâte fermentée

Joghurt-Honig Brot mit VorteigZorra von 1x umrühren bitte hat zum 4ten Mal zur Teilnahme am World Bread Day aufgerufen. Dem komme ich natürlich nur zu gerne nach. Jeder, der am 16.10.09 ein Brot bäckt und verbloggt oder auch über ein gekauftes Brot einen Post schreibt, kann daran teilnehmen. Man muß nur bis zum 17.10. seinen Beitrag über das Formula auf Zorras Seite anmelden.

Mein Brot für den World Bread Day ist im Grunde kein neues Rezept. In ähnlicher Form habe ich es hier mit Buttermilch und hier mit Joghurt gebacken. Aber diese Variante mit Pâte fermentée gefällt mir am Besten. Es ist so wunderbar locker geworden, dass man nie denken würde, dass es sich hierbei um ein Vollkornbrot handelt! Durch den etwas höheren Buttergehalt eignet es sich auch sehr gut als Toastbrot, doch ich esse es lieber ungetoastet entweder zum Frühstück mit Honig oder mit Salat und Käse als Sandwich. Continue reading

October 6th, 2009

Pumpkin Bread

KürbisbrotAutumn means to me: red leaves, apple scent and orange pumpkins. So what is a better bread for autumn then a pumpkin bread?

The basis for this bread was a recipe for simple bread with poolish, I just replace the water with pumpkin puree. My pumpkin puree contains some water, so I get a soft dough and did not need do add some water.

The bread turned out nice, with a nice orange crumb and a slight taste of pumpkin. But the next time I would add some pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil to enhance the flavor. Continue reading

September 25th, 2009

Whole wheat potato bread

Kartoffel-Vollkornbrot I am back from my holidays and I am back in the chaos. The lab I am working in is moving into a new building and after two years of postponeing the university preponed it now. So instead of having a whole week to pack my stuff in lab only the weekend was left. When we came back I go dirctly to the lab. I was so relived that I sorted everything in advance!

The moving itself was very exhausting and I was to tired to write something in my blog or even to read other blogs. But the main part is now done and today I have a day off because we have a security inspection. We Ph.d. students should stay away because the less persons are around the less mistakes can be done (like entering a lab without labcoat).

So I have time for answering comments, reading other blogs, writing new posts and enjoying Susans weekly Yeastspotting. Of course I bake a little bit, too. A soft whole wheat potato bread! Continue reading

September 10th, 2009

Almond Cinnamon Swirl Bread

Mandel Zimt BrotSince last BBD I have a lot sweet breads on my toDo list. Especially raisin cinnamon breads are on top of the list. But raisins are a minor problem here. My boyfrind is sure that raisins are murdered grapes. He always tells me that it is better to eat them fresh. 🙂

So I decided to replace raisins with almonds. The recipe was inspiered by Steve and Sara.

The Bread taste so good! And when I toast it the whole kitchen is filled with cinnamon fragrance. Continue reading