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July 26th, 2019

French Toast

Armer Ritter French Toast (2)The last two weeks were busy ones.  My sister is moving and so I spent the beginning of the summer holidays with sorting stuff out, packing boxes, carrying furniture from the third level to the transporter and renovating. My own household tasks were left alone during that time. And so I spend my first “real” day off with cleaning the kitchen thoroughly.

Around lunch time I got hungry and when I spotted some left over braid from the weekend a plan formed in my brain.  I marked Gabis recipe for french toast already some time ago and now was the right time to test it. A peach, already a bit overripe, was sliced and served along.

And I was  very pleased with the “Arme Ritter” (literally “poor knight”) as the dish is called in Germany. A perfect way to use left over bread

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March 2nd, 2018

Buttery Whole Wheat Rolls

DSC_64383The second recipe I got from my parents neighbour which needed a bit of work over was a recipe for whole grain rolls with milk and a good portion of butter. I liked the idea of this rolls instantly.

I added poolish for more flavour and a water roux to make the dough more easy to handle. The other adjustment I made was concerning kneading and fermenting time. Kneading the dough until full gluten development is an important point here as a well developed dough keeps water much better. And as I told already last week, it is important that a whole grain dough gets enough time to soak up the liquid, too. This helps to improve the crumb as well as the shelf life. And in combination these all leads to a dough which is firm enough to get stemped with a roll stemp.

Beside of this I finetuned the recipe a bit, reducing the amount of yeast (once more) and adding an egg as lecithin source. This helps to create a fluffy roll with good volume and fine flavour. The buttery notes pair up very well with the nutty yet slightly bitter flavour of whole grain. These are rolls with potential for favourite rolls.

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August 24th, 2016

Spelt Mice

Dinkel-Mäuschen (1)A reader told me about “Schulmäusen” (School mice), a small sweet roll filled with hazelnut praline. She tried to bake similar rolls in a spelt variant but struggled with them getting to dry. My brain worked a while on this idea in the background and came up with a recipe at the end – just in time for school start. As the name “Schulmaus” is a brand name, I decided to call my rolls Spelt mice and formed most of them like a mouse, too. But if you do not roll one end into a long tail, then you get the original form, too.

They are not a healthy snack, but a treat for small and big ones with a sweet tooth. The crumb is fluffy and the filling creamy – a good way to make school start a bit sweeter!


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August 15th, 2011

Little Milk Braids

Milch-ZöpfchenThe bakery in the small village in which we spend our vacation in East Frisia offered little braids made of a slightly sweet dough. They taste great with jam or honey or as a sandwich with cheese.

The kitchen of our small holiday home contained a oven. So I brought the most important things for baking with me: scale, bowl and my hands Zwinkerndes Smiley. And I tried to recreate the recipe for the little braids to take a little bit of our holiday memories back home.

I decided to use Pâte Fermentée as a preferment and a water roux for a fluffy crumb.

To make kneading more easy (I left the kitchen machine at home) I let the dough rest after mixing it together for 30 min – during this Autolysis the proteins in the dough are hydrated and developing a nice gluten network is then more easy.

The little braids are delicious – slightly sweet like the original and with a fluffy crumb.

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October 16th, 2010


ToastbrotThis bread results from a misunderstanding. My boyfriend asked if I could bake this delicious “Toastbrot” again. He was thinking about this bread that I baked already in different a Variation for last World Bread Day. I used this fast and easy recipe often in the last month because it is delicious and easy. And delicious and easy recipes were what was needed in the last busy month.

But I would never call it “Toastbrot”. It is very soft and fluffy for a whole wheat bread but typical “Toastbrot” is a white bread for me.

So I designed a recipe for a soft white sandwich bread and vanished into the kitchen. And when I just started to put the loaves into the pans my boyfrind look into the kitchen, take a look into the pans and asked me puzzled what I was baking. Well, that’s toastbrot, isn’t it? Continue reading

August 23rd, 2010

Confiture de lait

Confiture de lait (1)

Its now about two weeks that I posted the last time. The last weeks were extremly busy so that I had no time for trying new recipes. I bake only recipe that are tried and tested.  But if you are looking for something you can top on your bread I can strongly recommend Confiture de Lait. The inspiration for my recipe I found here, here und here .

The confiture de lait is a caramel spread similar to dulce de leche. But while all recipes I found for dulce de leche asked for sweet canned evaporated milk confiture de lait is make with “real” milk. I do not like evaporated milk, so I preferred this recipe. And I love the fact that the confiture contains vanilla seeds and sea salt. That adds a delicious taste to the spread.

And it is not a difficult to prepare. You need milk, sugar, a vanilla pod, some salt and time. I needed about one hour and I think that if you increase the amount of ingredients you have to increase the time for cooking, too.

At the end of the cooking time you have to keep an eye on the confiture de lait because now it will become dark very quickly. I like it most when the spread is still light brown because then the caramel flavour is not so strong and harmonize very good with the vanilla.

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