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May 28th, 2016


Witbrood (2)Björn posted a series of fluffy Netherland breads back in January. One of these Breads was the classical Witbrood. It looked temping soft and fluffy. I bake those breads rather seldom, but when we finally felt a longing for a fluffy bread, I decided to use Björns Bread as Inspiration. My Witbrood-Variant is made with a mild sourdough and 2% yeast. This is for me a rather high amount, but it helps to create a high risen bread in a considerably short time.

Due to the wheat sourdough it develops a fine flavour with lactic acid notes – like a good yoghurt. And so it is not clear to me, why this post sank down to the bottom of the “well of lost plots”. But I brought it back to the surface – and here it is, with just three month delay!


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August 23rd, 2015


Buttertoast (1)I do both rather seldom: Baking soft sandwich bread and baking during the week. Normally my bread baking day is at the weekend and so I need special circumstances to take the flour from the cupboard during a working week. But an tooth emergency leaded to a small oral surgery and subsequently to chewing problems. After three days of soups and purees I was longing for a really soft bread which is easy to chew.

The sweet starter is always great in such situations. Coming home from work I went straight to the kitchen and started the starter. Two hours later its volume already doubled and so I could already knead the dough. The dough contained some yeast (as I wanted to bake before going to bed) and a good portion of butter and a pinch of enzyme active malt. Both helps to make the crump tender. The good amount of butter as well as some sugar also leads to a good browning when toasted. But although untoasted the bread has good, slightly buttery flavour.


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February 28th, 2014

Sandwich Bread with Sourdough and Sweet Starter

Sandwichbrot (1)

Sometimes I love a good sandwich bread. And then there are long phases it does not appeal me at all. But when I feel a hunger for sandwich bread I tend to bake it as soon as possible. That what happend last weekend.

And so when I saw the beautiful braided sandwhich bread with poppy seeds at Sara bakar I knew how the bread should look like. But I decided to use my own recipe with a combination of sourdough and sweet starter. This combination sounds strange in the beginning, but this combination results in a very mild bread with a slight yoghurt flavour. The sweet starter helps to let the bread rise in a relative short time as well!

The bread has a beautiful soft crumb and a nutty poppy seed crust and tasted so good that it vanished very fast!

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May 22nd, 2011

Sandwich bread with 2 preferments–very soft and fluffy

Toastbrot(3)I don’t like Sandwich bread so much – normally. Especially I am not a big friend of toasting sandwich bread – but thats the kind of bread that my boyfrind love and so I bake this kind of bread, too. And I like the challenge to create a soft and fluffy light bread.

To archive a regular crumb which you can tear away in long fibres you have to knead the dough intensively and degas the dough very well before forming a loaf.

This tricks I used for sandwich breads before, but when I saw the extra soft Sandwich bread of TXFarmer at Yeastspotting I note all the Tips and Hints in Handling the dough. The Sandwich bread of TXFarmer contains egg white instead of whole eggs. That’s add extra protein to the dough which makes the crumb more stable without changing the look or taste of the bread like adding whole egg or egg yolk would do.

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October 16th, 2010


ToastbrotThis bread results from a misunderstanding. My boyfriend asked if I could bake this delicious “Toastbrot” again. He was thinking about this bread that I baked already in different a Variation for last World Bread Day. I used this fast and easy recipe often in the last month because it is delicious and easy. And delicious and easy recipes were what was needed in the last busy month.

But I would never call it “Toastbrot”. It is very soft and fluffy for a whole wheat bread but typical “Toastbrot” is a white bread for me.

So I designed a recipe for a soft white sandwich bread and vanished into the kitchen. And when I just started to put the loaves into the pans my boyfrind look into the kitchen, take a look into the pans and asked me puzzled what I was baking. Well, that’s toastbrot, isn’t it? Continue reading

February 14th, 2010

Pain de Mie


Normally I bake whole grain breads but for Breakfast on Sunday we like sometimes a lighter Bread. So I bake Pain de Mie from “Advanced bread and pastry” from Michael Suas. Its a delicious white bread, which makes a good toast, too. And when you increase the sugar amount and degrease the amount of salt you get a very nice sweet bread, too.

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