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July 1st, 2018

Pizza Dough with sweet Starter

DSC_36083I already baked Pizza in a lot of variants. And as I like to test new recipes, today I present you a variant with firm dough and sweet starter.

The use of an rather firm dough has – especially when you bake in a wood fired oven – the advantage of easy handling. To archive a bubbly crust requires a well proofed preshaped doug. As I learned from a pizzaiolo the dough balls are in perfect condition, if you turn them and there is a lot of small and middle sized bubbles at their bottom. Big bubbles aka “holes” are not so good as they tend to make the dough base uneven. Forming the dough base is very easy if the dough balls are well proofed, too, because the gluten network is relaxed at this point.

Due to the sweet starter and a long cold fermentation in the fridge, the flavour is  complex with subtle notes of lactic acid.  It adds a deepness to the pizza flavour which makes it to a favourite of mine!

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March 12th, 2016

Ludwig & Jean

Ludwig und Jean BurgerDid you wonder why there was no bread recipe last week? There is a reason as I spent one week in munich, baking and optimising recipes with the team of Ludwig & Jean which I developed for them.

The mail with the question, if I could create recipes for their organic burger and pizza bisto, reached me already back in November. After some long phone calls I knew what they wanted and I knew that I wanted to this! The recipes were challenging as they has to be made with pure spelt flour and only with wild yeast. Plus they had to be vegan so that the same buns can be used for burgers with meat and for vegetarian and vegan variants.


All January and February I was test baking and recipe tweaking intensely. With a spelt variant of my sweet starter the burger and pizza get a very complex, deep flavour. Not only the Pizza but the Burger buns as well benefit from a long, cold proof in the fridge. They are made following my principle that a good bun (or pizza) needs time – which is the same principle the guys from Ludwig and Jean follow!

And as I spent the last month thinking a lot about spelt there are some recipes for you coming soon as well – but there will be no pizza or burger buns as my love asked for a break to recover after all the test eating he had to do  in the past weeks 🙂 So you have to visit Ludwig and Jean if you want to try the buns or the pizza. You can find them here:

Ludwig und Jean
Guardinistraße 6
81375 München

Ludwig und Jean

June 16th, 2013

Pizzadough (Overnight)

Pizza(3)I know, I know … there is already more than one recipe for Pizzadough on this blog. But this dough is so simple and good, I had to post this recipe as well.

It is a “What I have in the cupboard” recipe, when I was to lazy to go to the pantry to fetch another bag of wheat flour. So I used some leftover spelt flour instead. I mixed the dough and folded it for some times, and put it then in the fridge, similar to the Wurzelbrot or the baguette recipe. Very easy!

When I came home the next evening after a long workday, I started to prepare our pizza. And when I stretched the dough to a flat square I realized what a great idea it was to add some spelt. The spelt flour made the dough very easy to handle and to strech in form, while the long and cold fermentation creates a great flavour and big air bubbles in the dough during baking.

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August 7th, 2010


PizzaschneckenIt seems like the hot summer is already gone but the weather is still good enough for day trips.

For Hiking or as a snack for work I like to bake pizza rolls very much. This time I tried a new variation and baked Pizza swirls.

For the filling I decided to take a mixture of sour cream, grated cheese, dried tomatoes and Kalamon olives.

The sour cream make the filling creamy and the kalamon olives add so much flavour to the swirls.

I am addicted to kalamon olives. They have a deep purple colour and they have a strong aromatic taste because they are harvested when they are ripe. There is no need to colour this olives.

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May 9th, 2010

Pizza dough with sourdough and poolish…

Collage … or the pizza dough who wanted to be a bread.

I just planed to bake a simple pizza. But after JT’s delicious rustic bread I though that I should try another pizza dough variation with Sourdough and Poolish. And after kneading I could already feel how good the result would be. The gluten structure was very nice and the dough rose very good. After folding the dough the first time I knew this dough has to become a bread.

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