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August 28th, 2016

Summer Squash Salsa

Zucchini-SalsaSome recipes have to be made in big batches as they are favourites. The summer squash salsa from Irmela Erckenbrechts cookbook “Zucchini”  is a such a family favourite. It taste great as spread on fresh bread, as dip for nachos, as barbeque sauce or as fast dinner with pasta. And so we normally quadruple the amount given in the book directly.

And last year, when the sister moved last summer we carried carefully the many, many glasses freshly made salsa down stairs of the old flat and up the stairs into the new one. And were rewarded at the end of the day with salsa and nachos – a story with happy end.

The recipe is great to use some of the giant summer squashes which had reached one kilo ore more, growing hided under leaves. I got some of these giants from a colleague and – of course – we cook salsa with them. And so Winter can come, we are stocked with 20 glasses salsa now 🙂


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July 29th, 2015

Pide with Mangold Tomato Filling

PideZorra asked us to bake flat breads for the Bread Baking Day. When my boyfriends parents gave us a lot of beautful mangold from their garden, I had the idea to fill Pide with them. When I checked recipes for the dough I realized that they all contain much or very much oil. So When I put my recipe together, I opted for a lot oil, some milk for an extra soft dough and a spoonful of unfed sourdough for a better flavour (the pide were a quick decision for dinner with no time for preferments).

Oil, on one hand, makes the dough soft and easy to handle, but on the other hand building up the gluten network is inhibited. So the dough needs to be kneaded intensively on slow speed. But after about 15 min you will get the perfect dough, which can be formed without any sticking.

The pide is delicious warm and cold (perfekt for lunch-at-work) and can be filled with other delicious thinks like spinach as well!

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June 29th, 2015


Falafel (1)After the successful disputation we always have a little party with delicious food. After the exiting defense the newly made doctor need something to refresh and we others need it as well. There is nothing more existing for all of us!

For the last defense I was asked to make Falafel and so I spend the morning rolling them. I needed 45 min to form 100 Falafel and after 50 I asked myself if I was doing to many. But when I then placed the freshly fried falafels on the buffet, they were gone so fastly that I knew that 100 was the perfect number. And when I was asked if the recipe is already on the blog, I had to say no. But now it is 🙂

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June 19th, 2011

Herb Fan Rolls

Kräuter-FächerBaguette spread with garlic or herb butter is a must have at a barbecue for me. But on the other hand eating always the same things is a little bit boring, too. So I take the challenge to find something that is new and exiting for our big family barbecue this weekend.

Susan baked Pesto Fan Rolls some years ago. Something like this would be great. But I wanted something without cheese and nuts, to keep it on the lactose free and few histamine side. And so I puree some basil, parsley and garlic with oil to a beautiful green paste and spread this paste between the dough layers. For the dough I used some Poolish to add aroma and let the rolls rise in the fridge overnight.

The next morning I only had to bake the rolls –  that’s perfect for days with less or no time to bake.

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May 2nd, 2011

Radish Leaf Pesto


At this days, when the whole world wears a beautiful late spring time green. And I do not like to waste a tiny bit of the green leaves you can find in our kitchen. And when we had radish with nice green leaves in our weekly organic vegetable bag I feed our guinea pigs with the leaves or we eat the leaves ourself.

As a pesto radish leaves are an enrichment for our table and pasta with this pesto is a dish which is made quickly. That makes it to a favourite dish for dinner on long workdays.

Additionally to the leaves I add some radish to the pesto, too, to enhance the radish taste.

When you have leftover pesto you can add an oil layer above the pesto and keep it in the fridge for some days.


Radish Leaf Pesto

  • 70g Radish leaves
  • 3 radish
  • 70g almonds
  • 50g Parmesan
  • 40g olive oil
  • 2 garlic gloves
  • 5g Salt

Wash the radish leaves and pat dry. Then place all ingredients in a food processor and mix until homogenous.

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May 1st, 2011

White Spinach Pizza

Weiße Spinatpizza

At the blog Baking Banter of King Arthur Flour MaryJane Robbins posted a recipe for a white Pizza, with no tomatoes at all. Instead of Tomato sauce the pizza is spread with ricotta and topped with spinach, feta, garlic and mozzarella. And then I saw on Susans blog her great farmer market pizza and my wish to try a white pizza increased.

And Pizza is always loved in this house so my question if we should bake this kind of pizza for lunch was positively answered. For the crust I played once more with this recipe. I like it because I can use the remaining dough to make a great bread, too. I added a Pâte fermentée to the recipe to make the crust even more tastefully, and used only wheat flour instead of mixing spelt flour and wheat flour.

For the topping I used the things mentioned in the recipe on Baking Banter and was rewarded with a delicious pizza.

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August 7th, 2010


PizzaschneckenIt seems like the hot summer is already gone but the weather is still good enough for day trips.

For Hiking or as a snack for work I like to bake pizza rolls very much. This time I tried a new variation and baked Pizza swirls.

For the filling I decided to take a mixture of sour cream, grated cheese, dried tomatoes and Kalamon olives.

The sour cream make the filling creamy and the kalamon olives add so much flavour to the swirls.

I am addicted to kalamon olives. They have a deep purple colour and they have a strong aromatic taste because they are harvested when they are ripe. There is no need to colour this olives.

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