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November 21st, 2015


Spitzweckerl (5)The idea for this rolls started when I pull a nearly forgotten glas with Pâte fermentée from the fridge saturday night. I planed to prepare some sunday morning rolls and so I added some spelt flour (white and and whole grain) for the nutty flavour and egg yolk, butter and milk for a soft crumb. Together with the fermented dough this promised to yield rolls with a deep, complex flavour.

But it was already late at night and so I place the dough in the fridge to rise there until the next morning. Early on Sunday morning I degased the dough, formed the rolls and let them proof for a rather short time. The short proofing made sure that the rolls develope a good oven spring and that the slash opens widely.

The rolls are perfect for a sunday breakfast: beautiful, crisp with soft crumb and as flavourful as they promised to be!


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August 10th, 2014

Crusty rolls with Pâte Fermentée


When I was small I already loved to eat “Krusti”, crusty rolls with a rustic shape. And nowadays I enjoy baking them even more because now I can sit in front of the oven and observe how the rolls partly unfold giving each roll a individual shape and creates a lot of crust.

Like I did with these breakfast rolls I added some egg yolk as natural lecithin source. The lecithin enhances the volume of the bread and helps to create a soft crumb without influencing the flavour. And a rather short proofing ensures that the rolls has enough power for a good oven spring. For the good flavour I used some pâte fermentée and a spoonfull sourdough and a little bit butter and malt makes the aroma well balanced. A perfect breakfast roll!

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May 17th, 2014

Knots (baked with brewers yeast)

Knöpfchen (1)

Until the 18th century bakers went to the next brewery to get some yeast for baking. Even the name of the yeast we use for baking shows that it was originally used for making beer: Saccharomyces cervicae. But when the new bottom fermenting yeast strain Saccharomyces carlsbergensis used by more and more breweries getting yeast for baking was not possible anymore because this yeast stays on the bottom of fermenting vessel (instead on floating on top like S. cervicae.) And so the first commercial produced yeast for bakers appeared on the market in 1780.

When my love and me brew beer it always breaks my heart to throw away the yeast which remains after bottling. And because I search ancient recipes for this month BBD, I decided to bake rolls using the beer yeast instead of the “normal” bakers yeast (which is the same species, anyway).

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May 3rd, 2014

Crusty rolls

Schnittbrötchen (2)

I bake the classical german “Schnittbrötchen” (lengthwise cut roll) rather seldom. But this weekend I dreamed of beautiful rolls with a perfect open slash.  And because I love freshly baked rolls for breakfast I let the dough rise once again overnight in the fridge. A little bit of sourdough helps to enhance the flavour.

The next morning I shaped the rolls, let them relax for some minutes and cut them deeply. Then I lay the cut together once again and turn the rolls on the cut side to let them proof. This trick results in the typical form of a “Schnittbrötchen”. I liked the rolls very much – they would go very well with some sesame or poppy seeds, too. I think I will bake them more often from now on!

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March 29th, 2014

Chestnust Krusti


When I was doing my weekly groceries in the wholefood shop I spotted a bag with chestnut flour. Spontaneously I bought it. But after putting it into the pantry to my other flours I forgot about it. But some weeks later, when I put away a new batch of flour, it came back into my notice. And I started to think about a recipe directly.

At the end I decided to bake chestnut “Krusti”. A Krusti is a german roll for which the dough is rolled into a log and which is then baked seamside up. During ovenspring it will open along the seam, forming a good part of crunchy crust. We like this kind if bread very much.

The chestnut flour added a subtle nutty sweetness flavour and gave crumb and crust a niece brown colour. The crumb is very soft and fluffy, while the crust is crunchy. This roll is a new favourite!

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December 25th, 2012

Christmas Tree Bread


Today I post the Bread we had for Dinner at the holy night, as I promised yesterday.

I like pull apart breads, like the “Brötchenkranz”, a typical german way to serve rolls at parties. When I saw a Christmas tree shaped “Brötchenkranz” I fell in love with it immediately. Sadly, I cannot remember anymore where I saw it the first time. I thought that it was yeastspotted, but I could not find it there. The Google picture search shows me a lot of baked Christmas trees.

Which was my original Inspiration? I can’t tell.

As dough I choosed an overnight recipe, which I could shape and bake in the morning of December, 24th. The Rolls had a nicely soft and fluffy crumb and a complex taste due to the long rise.

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June 16th, 2012

Bergische Knüppel

Bergische Knüppel I was very happy with the taste of the “Berliner Knüppel” but their crust was to soft in my opinion. And so I decided to bake another variation, containing less milk but add some butter to the recipe.

I also decrease the time I gave the rolls for proofing. After I realized that their ovenspring was not as high as expected I go down to 35 min and put the rolls in the oven when still a little underproofed. Now they have the kind of ovenspring I was aiming for.

And after changing the recipe so much I decided to change the name, too. Now I call them “Bergische Knüppel” because I am living in the “Bergische Land”.

The rolls are very satisfying now: a complex aroma, crispy crust and soft crumb, that is how a roll should be.

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June 10th, 2012

Berliner Knüppel with Sauerteig

Berliner KnüppelLutz baked “Berliner Knüppel”  this week after a recipe from an old cook book. In the first Variation with no preferment he used a relatively high amount of yeast – to high in my opinion – and Lutz described that he could taste the yeast in the baked rolls. I do not like it when the yeast taste is dominating the bread and so I decided to bake Berliner Knüppel with sourdough. In the same time Lutz created a Knüppel-Recipe with Poolish.

The dough of the Knüppel is firm and to form them properly, it is important to roll them strong enough otherwise the rolls will unfold themself in the oven.

The flavour of the rolls is very nice and the crumb is soft and fluffy like it should be, but the the crust is to soft in my opinion. The next time I will try to replace the milk with water and add some butter in the dough to keep the crumb soft.

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June 19th, 2011

Herb Fan Rolls

Kräuter-FächerBaguette spread with garlic or herb butter is a must have at a barbecue for me. But on the other hand eating always the same things is a little bit boring, too. So I take the challenge to find something that is new and exiting for our big family barbecue this weekend.

Susan baked Pesto Fan Rolls some years ago. Something like this would be great. But I wanted something without cheese and nuts, to keep it on the lactose free and few histamine side. And so I puree some basil, parsley and garlic with oil to a beautiful green paste and spread this paste between the dough layers. For the dough I used some Poolish to add aroma and let the rolls rise in the fridge overnight.

The next morning I only had to bake the rolls –  that’s perfect for days with less or no time to bake.

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May 8th, 2011

Windmill rolls

WindmühlenbrötchenWhen Susan blog about how to shape a bread to a pinwheel I was hooked. I liked the form very much and thought directly about using this shape for rolls. And on saturday I tested this Idea.

Because rolls are much smaller and I did not want to roll them to thin  I decided to lay them just crosswise without curving the blades of the wheel. So they look more like a windmill now. Thats why I call them windmill rolls.

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