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August 6th, 2011

Farl with Pâte Fermentée

FarlSome years ago, when I discovered bread baking again after a longer periode of not-baking, one of the first breads I bake was the Farl a la Paul Hollywood. I found the recipe on Petras Blog, Chili und Ciabatta.

But soon I like Breads with long fermenation and preferments like sourdough, Poolish or Pâte Fermentée more then the quick variants and so I forgot about the farl.

This weekend, when I thought about a bread for our barbeque at work, the Farl sprang back into my mind and I decided that I would tweak the recipe. I added a Pâte Fermentée and reduced the amount of yeast.

The dough was very easy to handle due to the lower hydration then my usual recipes – a good bread for beginners – and the bread was everything I hoped. Thin crust, regular crumb, with the flavours of a slow rising bread and a hint of buttery taste.

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June 19th, 2011

Herb Fan Rolls

Kräuter-FächerBaguette spread with garlic or herb butter is a must have at a barbecue for me. But on the other hand eating always the same things is a little bit boring, too. So I take the challenge to find something that is new and exiting for our big family barbecue this weekend.

Susan baked Pesto Fan Rolls some years ago. Something like this would be great. But I wanted something without cheese and nuts, to keep it on the lactose free and few histamine side. And so I puree some basil, parsley and garlic with oil to a beautiful green paste and spread this paste between the dough layers. For the dough I used some Poolish to add aroma and let the rolls rise in the fridge overnight.

The next morning I only had to bake the rolls –  that’s perfect for days with less or no time to bake.

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June 18th, 2011


Curry-Ketchup Ketchup should taste of fruity tomatoes, a little bit sour and sweet. When we were craving for a Curry Ketchup some time ago I filled through “Vegetarian Basics” from Sebastian Dickhaut and Cornelia Schinharl and found a nice recipe.

To add pineapple to a ketchup sounds a little bit strange but nothing ventured, nothing ganined!

And so we started cooking. We didn’t stick to the recipe (what is normal for me). We did not peel the tomatoes (too much work) and add more curry, tomato paste and some  vinegar. Without vinegar the ketchup was only sweet, but the vinegar makes it round.

Now is the mixture perfect: sour and sweet, fruity and hot.

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June 18th, 2010


BohnenburgerI saw barbecued bean burgers often in the last days. First I read a recipe in the organic magazine Schrot und Korn and the picture looked so delicious. Next Erin of Naturally Ella posted a recipe for Blackbean Burger. And now I had problem I could not decided which recipe I like most. Both had small details I like more in one recipe then in the other and the other way round. So I did what I always do in situations like this: I use both recipe as inspiration and create my own recipe.

The weather was bad last Saturday so we did no barbeque but bake the patties in a pan. That worked fine, too.  I freeze the leftover patties so we can barbecue spontaneously when the weather is fine again. Continue reading