May 6th, 2014

Bread Baking Day #68: “Ancient”

breadbakingday #68

Zorras Bread Baking Day exists since 2007 and I feel honoured that I’m allowed to host it now for the third time. After we baked “sweet bread” (BBD #22) back in 2009 and “overnight recipes”(BBD#54) one and a half year ago I decided this time for the theme “Ancient”. But what do I mean with “Ancient”? I would like to focus on old techniques in bread baking (e.g. wood fired oven), traditional recipes (maybe an old family recipe?) and old grain species like Emmer, Khorasan or Einkorn or heritage wheat or rye like red fife wheat, or Johannisroggen for example. You have not to fulfil all three criteria, one of them is enough. And I would love if you try to bake the bread with sourdough, but this is optional!

Here are the rules

  • Bake a bread or rolls with sourdough (or yeast)
  • Either use an old recipe, or an old technique or an old grain species /heritage wheat/rye
  • no post from the blog archive
  • link back to this announcment and Zorras Bread Baking Day site,
  • Please send a mail with the subject “Bread baking day” at post  @ hefe –  und -mehr . de
    • The email has to contain
      • your name
      • name of your blog
      • name of the bread
      • Url of the post
      • a picture of the bread (not bigger then 3 MB)
  • Last day of submission is the 1. June 2014

And remember to visit Kathyround up with Bread for Allergic Persons!

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  2. Melanie May 12th, 2014

    Darf ich ein Rezept sowohl bei dir als auch bei Lutz vom Plötzblog einreichen oder ist dir das nicht so recht? Er sucht ja auch gerade nach Urkornbroten und ich habe dafür eines mit Einkorn und Lichtkornroggen gebacken.
    Liebe Grüße Melanie


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