3. Dezember 2012

Bread Baking Day #54–Round up

breadbakingday-roundupWhen I announced BBD#54, I was so curios about the “Overnight”-Recipes. But then I had to wait … more or less patiently. It is so strange – I have a lot of patient when it  comes to bread baking – mixing a starter, let it develop, mix the dough, let it rise (probably overnight), baking it and then wait until the bread is cooled before slicing, that needs a lot of patiently waiting. But when I’m waiting for something to happen, like for the results of some very fascinating experiments in the lab or waiting for the entries for BBD, it is so hard to lean back and relax.

And so I’m very happy and exited that I can present you now all this great breads and rolls! We have sixteen entries from Thailand /Holland, Germany, Belgium, Canada, Sweden, Italy, Brazil, Spain, USA and Austria.

I tried to leave a comment at each post, but at one or two it was not possible because I lack the right type of account. So let me tell you here again that you all did a great job and that I enjoyed hosting this Bread Baking Day very much! The next BBD is hosted by Katha from Katha-kocht! and she will announce the theme at 6.December.

And now enjoy all these great Breads!



potato-roll-with-lievito-madre-2 Potato Rolls with Lievito Madre

Connie from My Discovery of Bread used Lievito madre to bake this potato rolls and this preferment gave a niece oven spring to the rolls.

to Thailand from Holland

Chocolate-Cranberry-Walnut-Rolls Chocolate-Cranberry-Walnut-Rolls

Ninive from ninivepisces- music, dreams & more baked rolls similar to some she used to buy in her favourite bakery before they stopped selling this kind of rolls.


Sonntagsbrötchen Sonntagsbrötchen

Stefanie from Hefe und mehr baked rolls for  a relaxed breakfast on sunday mornings.


sweet tasting apple desem sweet tasting apple desem

Wouter Groeneveld from Save sourdough used apple “yeast water” to bake this bread.


Overnight Bread Overnight bread

breadsong from thefreshloaf.com/breadsong tested a recipe from a new cookbook with a really great result!


2012-11-28-Zwiebelbaguette-01 Zwiebelbaguette – onion baguette

Bella Kirschfrau from Kirschfrau … Liebe, die man schmeckt modified her  Pizza dough recipe to bake delicious onion baguettes.


Dates And Figs Sourdough Rolls With Spelt Dates And Figs Sourdough Rolls With Spelt

Barbara from My Italian Smorgasbord used leftover sourdough to make this delicious looking whole grain rolls.


focaccia Focaccia genovese Integrale di farro

Deborah from Il Giardino di Pietra baked a whole grain version of focaccia with spelt.


DayNightBread11 Day & Night Bread

Katha from katha-kocht! used a recipe from 1878 and struggled a little bit with the recipe for her Day & Night Bread.


no.knead focaccia no.knead focaccia

cinzia from cindystar like to serve this focaccia  her guest, because it always tastes great!


zopf The Perfect Sunday Morning Zopf

zorra from 1xumrühren/kochtopf did not only bake the perfect Zopf but although included some tips for zopf baking from Swiss baker.


AppleHoneySDBread Apple and Honey Sourdough Bread

Shelley C from C Mom Cook infused the bread with some green tea before she added some apples and honey.


Pain à la ancienne Pain à la ancienne

Verena Buschinelli from Mangia che te fa bene tried a recipe which is baked in a dutch oven and she  baked a lovely loaf!


Whole Grain Levain Whole Grain Levain

Korena from Korena in the Kitchen shared her favourite no-knead, long-rest variety of a rustic “country-style” loaf.


Overnight Pumpkin Seed Rolls Overnight Pumpkin Seed Rolls

Astrid from Paulchens FoodBlog?! made healty whole wheat rolls with pumpkin seeds.



semolina_brot_dinkel_sauerteig_1_20121201 Semolina-Brot mit Dinkelvollkorn-Sauerteig

Nearly at the last second Chaosqueen from Chaosqueen’s Kitchen send this Semolina-Bread with whloe spelt sourdough.



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  1. cinzia 4. Dezember 2012

    well, great recap, sincerely don’t know where to start first! 🙂
    I could eat all of them!
    Thanks for hosting, dear Stefanie 🙂

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