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May 3rd, 2014

Crusty rolls

Schnittbrötchen (2)

I bake the classical german “Schnittbrötchen” (lengthwise cut roll) rather seldom. But this weekend I dreamed of beautiful rolls with a perfect open slash.  And because I love freshly baked rolls for breakfast I let the dough rise once again overnight in the fridge. A little bit of sourdough helps to enhance the flavour.

The next morning I shaped the rolls, let them relax for some minutes and cut them deeply. Then I lay the cut together once again and turn the rolls on the cut side to let them proof. This trick results in the typical form of a “Schnittbrötchen”. I liked the rolls very much – they would go very well with some sesame or poppy seeds, too. I think I will bake them more often from now on!

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