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September 25th, 2010

Potato rolls

Kartoffelbrötchen I love bread with potatos, a love I share with Zorra form 1x umrühren bitte. Last year I baked three diffrent breads with potatos:

Kartoffel-Bagel-Stars, whole wheat potato bread and Bauernbrötchen after a recipe of Bäcker Süpke. But this year I did not bake a potato bread untill now.

The inspriation for my potato rolls are the potato rolls which one of colleagues likes to buy for breakfast or lunch break. The bakery which made this rolls closed last week because to many students like to buy their bread in the terrible self-service “bakery” next door. So I tried to recreate the rolls.

I used a mixture of whole wheat and all-purpose flour and made square rolls.

The square shape is easy to create: I flatten the dough and cut it in squares with a dough scraper.

I serve this delicious rolls like this mushroom quiche at my birthday brunch. Continue reading

February 25th, 2010

Sacaduros – BBD #27

SacadurosBread Baking Day # 27 was a real challenge for me. Gretchen Noelle from canela and comino choosed Pan Latino – Latin Bread as theme. The spanish word pan reminded me that I only remember spanish food terms and no other word from my Spanish lessons. I did not change a lot since my school days, didn’t I? Always fascinated by food. 😀

But poor language knowledge is no excuse since Goggle Translator. Goggle Translator worked very good for me when translating the recipe for Ceriolas.  But before checking the world wide web I take a look in my cookbooks. But I did only find one latin bread recipe, conchas. This are sweet rolls with a cookie dough topping. But I was whishing for something not so sweet. And then I remembered that Petra from  Chili und Ciabatta post some latin recipes. So I looked through the recipes I bookmarked from her page and found something I want to try for ages: Sacaduros. Continue reading

February 7th, 2010

Poppy seeds and Sesame rolls

BrötchenThe quest for the perfect breakfast roll is like the quest for the holy grail.

For me a perfect breakfast roll must have a crispy crust and a soft, fluffy crumb. Nowadays, I am satisfied with the crust of my rolls but the crumb is to firm. The best recipe I found until now is the recipe for Ceriola. And so I used this recipe, but instead of water I add some soy milk. My thought behind this: Soy contains a lot of lecithin and lecithin makes dough fluffy.

And the crumb of my rolls is now better. Its still a long way to perfection but it is a step in the right direction. Continue reading

February 3rd, 2010



We had a lot of snow last weekend, so we decided that it would be better to stay at home. I used the time to sort old recipes and while sorting I found a recipe for Kümmelkuckeln I liked very much some years ago. But I know more about bread baking now and so I decided I have to change the recipe. I reduced the yeast amount drasticly and increase the amount of milk. The rolls are delicious, soft, a little bit sweet, a little bit salty. Continue reading

November 5th, 2009


JoghurtbrötchenI like yoghurt in bread very much, as I told before. Yoghurt gives a hint of sourly taste to the bread and elongates the shelf live. So when I saw the recipe for yoghurt rolls at Bäcker Süpkes Blog I know that I had to try them.

Not only I bake the rolls: I found them in  Deichrunner’s Küche,at Chili und Ciabatta and  Bao/Bread. But while the other bakers bake the recipe like it was written, I have to confess two changes: I reduce the amount of yeast and replace the rye with wheat.

The rolls turned out very fine: fluffy with a nice crust and a delicious taste. The perfect roll for breakfast on Sunday. Continue reading