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May 1st, 2011

White Spinach Pizza

Weiße Spinatpizza

At the blog Baking Banter of King Arthur Flour MaryJane Robbins posted a recipe for a white Pizza, with no tomatoes at all. Instead of Tomato sauce the pizza is spread with ricotta and topped with spinach, feta, garlic and mozzarella. And then I saw on Susans blog her great farmer market pizza and my wish to try a white pizza increased.

And Pizza is always loved in this house so my question if we should bake this kind of pizza for lunch was positively answered. For the crust I played once more with this recipe. I like it because I can use the remaining dough to make a great bread, too. I added a Pâte fermentée to the recipe to make the crust even more tastefully, and used only wheat flour instead of mixing spelt flour and wheat flour.

For the topping I used the things mentioned in the recipe on Baking Banter and was rewarded with a delicious pizza.

I am sure that white pizza will appear now more regulary on our table. Continue reading

August 27th, 2009

Curd Ricotta Swirls

Quark-Ricotta-Schnecke (3)For a day trip with my parents I planed to bake something sweet for our picnic. Because my mum suffers from Fructose malabsorption sweet things are always difficult. Fruits are forbidden, as well as anything else that contains high amount of fruit sugar like honey or maple sirup. Even vegetables like tomatos, sweet red pepper and Carrots are bad for her.

So I deciced to to cream cheese swirls for us. But in the supermarket I realise that cream chesse contains carrageen and carobin. I was not sure, if these incredients are allowed, so I buyed ricotta and curd instead. Continue reading