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September 9th, 2012


greta gabor schnitte

There are recipe which even I do not dare to change. The recipe for Greta-Garbo-Schnitten is one of this examples. It is a traditional sweet from the side of my family which stemmed from Siebenbürgen /Transylvania. I firmly believe that this recipe is rooted in the cake Gerbeaud-Schnitten of the Cafe Gerbeaud, but I stay with the Name in which it is filled in the handwritten cookbook of my grandmother. That is traditional, it will keep its Name Greta-Garbo-Schnitte.

The only change I dared to make is that I let the dough rest a little bit before I roll it into sheets. That makes rolling it thinly much easier.

The little slices are a great treat with a cup of coffee. And if you have a little bit patient and self-control, you can let them rest some days before eating them and they will reward you with a perfect mellow texture and a taste infused by walnuts, currants and chocolate.

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March 12th, 2010

Cacao rolls – Kakaós csigák

Kakaoschnecken (4)They are baked in so many german Food-Blogs at the Moment : Anikós cacao rolls. It took me a while to jump on this bandwagon because I have a lot of work in lab but last weekend I managed somehow to bake them. And I can just repeat that everyone said before: They are divine. Fluffy with the taste of semisweet chocolate, just what you need when you come home after working most of Sunday in lab.

I changed the recipe a little bit (Am I always writing this sentence? I fear that I do this.) The biggest change is that I double the sugar amount in the dough because Zorras mentioned in her post that the rolls are not sweet enough. Then I used a pâte fermentée, but I am sure that the recipe will work without it, too. And then I add a little bit of cardamom into the filling, like Hedonistin did. Continue reading

September 15th, 2009

cream puffs


I do not like frozen cream puffs that you can buy in all supermarkets. They are too sweet and the dough is to soft after defrosting. So I decided today, that I would like to create my own cream puffs . The recipe for  Pâte à Choux is from Michael Suas “Advanced Bread and Pastry”, the filling is the same like the filling of Brioche tropezienne.

The size is the same as from the frozen mini cream puffs. They are perfect snacks with a cup of coffee. Continue reading

August 27th, 2009

Curd Ricotta Swirls

Quark-Ricotta-Schnecke (3)For a day trip with my parents I planed to bake something sweet for our picnic. Because my mum suffers from Fructose malabsorption sweet things are always difficult. Fruits are forbidden, as well as anything else that contains high amount of fruit sugar like honey or maple sirup. Even vegetables like tomatos, sweet red pepper and Carrots are bad for her.

So I deciced to to cream cheese swirls for us. But in the supermarket I realise that cream chesse contains carrageen and carobin. I was not sure, if these incredients are allowed, so I buyed ricotta and curd instead. Continue reading