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November 7th, 2015

Quince Jelly (without gelling sugar)

QuittengeleeWhen the quinces turn golden in my parents garden then we are in the middle of autumn. And our flat is filled with the rich perfume of the fruits as I tend to place them strategically in living room and kitchen to enjoy my favourite autumn flavour as much as possible.

Qunices are rich on pektin so they are perfect for jelly making. I use them with peel and core and although add some green ones to the batch, as these are especially high on pektin. Preparing the fruits is then quite easy as they just have to cut into pieces. Then they are cooked with water until tender. The longer you cook them, the deeper the colour will become, ranging from amber to red. For an extra plus I always add some vanilla , as it underlines so nicely the delicate quince flavour.


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December 14th, 2013

Quince stars

QuittensterneThere are three recipes I bake each year for christmas: Vanillekipferl (with or without almonds), Liebesgrübchen and Linzer Ringe. These are family recipes, and a christmas “must have”.

But each year I have to bake some new recipes as well. And one of the recipes I tried this year are these quince stars. When I made my traditional Linzer Ringe recipe I had the Idea of a cookie made with a quince fillung and some grounded almonds and a little bit of tonka bean in the dough. I use the tonka beans always carefully because while they taste delicious, their aroma is a strong one, too.

I like my spontaneous recipe vey much, the combination of almond, quince and tonka bean fits very well!

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December 15th, 2012

Quince syrup


This year was a bad year for quinces and apples. There were only few on the the trees of my parents, and the fruits stays rather small, due to a mostly cold summer. But anyway, we harvested the few fruits and I cooked quince juice in my pressure cooker. And then I freeze it because the boyfriend protested against more quince jelly, because there was still glasses left from the last year when we had so much quinces.

In December I was planning to cook some little treats from the kitchen for my lovely colleagues and then I remember the quince juice once again. After thawing I cooked the juice with some sugar and vanilla bean, getting a delicious syrup. Mixed with some sparkling water this syrup is delicious, a perfect mixture of tartness and sweet fragrance, with a hint of vanilla.

I decoreated the bottles with some printed labels which I created with Inkscape. If you like, you can download them here.

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December 5th, 2012

Piment-Hütchen mit Quitten-Nuss-Füllung


There was a delicious looking recipe in the christmas cookie edition of the magazine “Brigitte”. I do not read this magazine, but I like their cookie recipes and so I was very happy that you can download their recipes as well. The recipe I fell in love with was a Spritzgebäck seasoned with cacao and allspice. I mixed the dough and tried to pipe some cookies. But then I had to realize that I either need a stronger piping bag or that the dough was to dry. And so I put the dough in the fridge and started to rethink the plan. And after half an hour the dough had the perfect consistence for rolling and I had a new plan.

And so I rolled the dough, cut out circle, filled them with a hazelnut and quince jelly filling and folded the sides of the cookie so they formed little triangles. The mixture of allspice, quince and hazelnut fits together very nicely. So I’m not longer disappointed over the original recipe but very happy with my variation of the recipe.

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October 22nd, 2012

Windfall Bread

Fallobst-BrotWhen Martin presented his Windfall Bread with grated apples I knew that this is a recipe I had to test. And when I looked in the basket with windfall from my parents garden I saw some quinces which looked like they had to be used up quickly.  And so I but some grated quinces in the in the bread dough, too.

The bread is really great with a moist and soft crumb and a hint of sweetness due to the fruits.

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October 31st, 2011


Quitten-Mandel-ZopfIts nearly two weeks ago that I posted a recipe! At the moment my work is once again consuming most of my time, but hopefully this part of my Ph.d. thesis will be finished successfully in soon future. I will tell you more about it then.

The bad thing with stressful days is that it makes me always susceptible for colds. After I had a really bad at the beginning of October the second cold for this month sent me last week straight to my bed again. I drank a lot of tea, eats a lot of vitamins and now the fever is gone. I am just still very hoarse and coughing badly.

But I am fit enough once again for reading blogs and for baking. Paule baked Quitten-Schuedi this weekend, a cake with yeast dough and quince sauce. I liked the Idea of using some of last years quince sauce I had still in the freezer. I need new space to freeze my share of quince from my parents garden that at the moment is still waiting in a small laundry basket in my kitchen. Continue reading

March 6th, 2011

Nut triangles

NusseckenSometimes the simple things are the best. For me Nut triangles belong to this categorie for sure  – the only time comsuming part is dipping the edges in molten chocolate. Who – like me – loose the patient after dipping half of the triangles can decorate the triangles with graphical patterns. That looks nice, is much faster and taste as good as the one with the nicely dipped edges.

I based my variation on the recipe I found in “Handbuch fürs tägliche Backen”. I doubled the amount of dough and filling because I never menage to fill a whole baking sheet with the amount given in the recipe andI reduce the over all sugar amount.  Instead of using chopped nuts I ground half of the using the coarse grater of my kitchen machine. And the greatest change is that I used quince jelly instead of apricot jam something that tastes very good. Continue reading

November 16th, 2010

Quince chutney

QuittenchutneyThe harvest of quince was as good as the apple harvest this year. So we give away a lot of quince to our neighbours, friends and colleagues because I have still a lot of quince jelly in the pantry from last year.

Last year I miscalculated how much jelly two persons can eat during a year. So my boyfriend was totally against cooking more jelly because he like to eat some other jelly then quince for breakfast sometimes.

Already two years ago I made some quince chutney with my mom. That was really delicious especially with some cheese. The mixture of sour and sweet harmonize very well with the flavour of the quince and the hot pepper adds a nice nuance.

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