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July 5th, 2015


OrangenlimonadeNearly always I prefer to drink water for refreshment, most of the time sparkling water, sometimes tap water (the tap water here has a very good quality). But when the temperature rise I sometime I like to have water with some flavour. A virgin hugo for example or a simple glass of water with a piece of orange or lemon. And when the temperature hits the 37°C mark like in the last days,  I even like to have a glass of a cool homemade Orangeade.

My version 2.0 profits from the experiences with making orange powder. Simmering the orange and lemon zests sets free much more flavour and colour then simple infusing the zests in the orange juice. That I double the amount of the zests helps of course as well. And if the second orange is not needed for juice then cut them in pieces and use them to serve with the orange. This adds even more flavour and looks beautiful as well.


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July 8th, 2014


Orangenlimonade (2)

Simone from the S-Küche asked us to bring “refresments” for the 100. Blogevent in the Kochtopf. And even me, who prefer sparkling water as summer refreshment, likes sometimes a refreshing change. But bought lemonades are never tempting, even the expensive organic orangeade is to sweet and intense for me. And so I decided to make my own orangeade.

In my version the border between spritzer and orangeade becomes  blurred, because the orange syrup makes it only slightly sweet and is balanced from freshly pressed Orange and lime juice. For some colour in the glass I added pieces of the peel. I borrowed this idea from a restaurant we visit some time ago.

It is a refreshing drink at its sweetness can be easily adjusted to your personal taste by the amount of syrup used!

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June 8th, 2014

Ginger Basil Lemonade

Ingwer-Basilikum-LimonadeWhen I’m asked which refreshment I would like to have I answer most of the time “water, please”. For me there is nothing more refreshing then sparkling water! But on humid summer days like the one we have at the moment I sometimes like to have some “flavour” in my water, too.  Adding a dash of juice or syrup is then my first choice.

And when I discovered a recipe for a ginger basil lemonade on a flyer a colleague brought to the lab after lunch, I wrote down the ingredients instantly. But – and that is typically me- I did not follow the recipe completely. My variation use lemon instead of lime and I added lemon zests to the syrup as well. And I use less sugar.  In the beginning I was a little bit doubtful about the basil, but it fits into the mixture very well, and even my dearest one who is normally no friend of experiments when it comes to lemonade, liked it very much!

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February 15th, 2014

Sweet Lassi

Süßer Lassi

Melanie from Mangoseele invited us to celebrate the first birthday of her blog with a blog event that fits to her blog Name:  Mango.

Sadly Mangos come directly after strawberries on my personal allergy list. And so I had to do what I always do: I left out the mango from the recipe to prevent red dots and problems with breathing. But what I made is delicious without mangos, too: Sweet lassi.

Lassi is a indian yoghurt drink which can be salty or sweet or made with fruits (and then preferably with mangos). It is a very refreshing drink and I order it at my favourite indian restuarant always together with hot curry dishes to ease the burn of the hot pepper.

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December 23rd, 2013

Chai Syrup

Chai Sirup

Who still needs a present for Christmas has to hurry up now. A delicious last minute present for people with a sweet tooth is this Chai Syrup. And with a flask of Chai Syrup the next Chai Latte is just a question of warm (maybe frothed) milk.

For the syrup you just need some black tea, some spices, water and sugar and ten minutes time. And then you can fill your syrup into glasses or flasks and wrap them up for Christmas. Or you keep a flask for your one…


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August 4th, 2013

Peach Iced Tea

Pfirsich-EisteeI do not like Iced tea. Or to be honest, I don’t like this terrible sweet drink with the artificial fruit flavour which you can buy in the supermarket all year round.

But what would happen when I made a homemade version? With the fruity flavour of ripe peaches and the refreshing taste of rooibos tea? Something slightly sweet, refreshing in the summer heat?

And so I did not hesitate and peeled and pureed some peaches and mixed the puree with some cold tea. The cools down faster, when it is brewed as concentrate and then mix with ice cold water. To finish it I add a little bit of lemon juice. That’s it. Done in less then 10 minutes.

And I liked it. It has a creamy consistence, is only slightly sweet and really refreshing. Perfect for hot summer days!

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June 22nd, 2013

Rhubarb Syrup and Lemonade


One last recipe before the rhurbarb season is coming to an end…

In the last days summer shortly decided to turn on the heat, changing from 12°C at the weekend to 37°C during the week. When I come home after work, I’m always feeling very warm after a one hour ride in a train without air-condition. And so I started to prepare a elderflower lemonade similar to Virgin Hugo each evening and kept it in the fridge during the day. When I come home, it is well infused and refreshing cool.

But a girl needs a little bit of adventure in her life and everyday elderflower lemonade gets boring sooner or later. And that’s why I did not hesitated when I came across rhubarb in the supermarket this week. I made rhubarb syrup out of it and then used it to mix Lemonade. And this is very delicious, too. Not to sweet and not to sour, with a hint of vanilla. I’m now prepared for the next hot days!

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December 15th, 2012

Quince syrup


This year was a bad year for quinces and apples. There were only few on the the trees of my parents, and the fruits stays rather small, due to a mostly cold summer. But anyway, we harvested the few fruits and I cooked quince juice in my pressure cooker. And then I freeze it because the boyfriend protested against more quince jelly, because there was still glasses left from the last year when we had so much quinces.

In December I was planning to cook some little treats from the kitchen for my lovely colleagues and then I remember the quince juice once again. After thawing I cooked the juice with some sugar and vanilla bean, getting a delicious syrup. Mixed with some sparkling water this syrup is delicious, a perfect mixture of tartness and sweet fragrance, with a hint of vanilla.

I decoreated the bottles with some printed labels which I created with Inkscape. If you like, you can download them here.

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June 30th, 2012

Virgin Hugo

Virgin Hugo If you would have asked me one week ago what Hugo is, I would probably answered: It is the ghost from the game Mitternachtsparty, one of my favourite board game in my childhood.

But as I learned this week Hugo is a drink, too. It contains sparkling wine, mint leaves, elderflower syrup and limes. To be honest, this would not temp me a lot. But the virgin variation, using sparkling water instead of wine was something I had to try immediately.

I found the recipe at Paules Kitchen, who got it from  Nadine of Dreierlei Liebelei. And when I did my first sip, I was directly in love with this drink. A little bit sweet, a little bit sour, with aromatic elderflowers and refreshing mint it is the perfect refreshment for warm and humid summer days.

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December 4th, 2010


ApfelpunschI like Christmas markets – if they are not crowded – and when I visit one with friends or colleagues we normally end our tour at a Glühwein stand. I do not like Glühwein not so much so I drink one of the non alcoholic drinks their offer. The hot chocolate is often not so good and the qualitiy of the “Kinderpunsch” differs very much from market stand to market stand.

This year I tested one that was just made from white grape juice and spices which was not bad but for my taste it was to sweet. And then I discovered the Apfelpunsch stand at the Christmas market on the Altermarkt in cologne. This was very delicious, a not so sweet heated apple juice, seasoned with cinnamon and clove.

Coming home after a long walk in the snow we both liked something hot to get warm again. And so I recreated the Apfelpunsch at home. It is easy to prepare and delicous so I think I will serve the punsch more often this winter. Continue reading