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December 13th, 2019


Lussekatter (2)[3]It’s been a long time, since I published my first Lussekatter recipe. Back then I learned that in Sweden you can find two different types of recipes: one with quark, and one without. The variant with quark was on my to do list ever since.  And I had a recipe draft ready already three years ago. But an ugly flu stopped me baking back than and two Saint Lucia Days passed without me baking Lussekatter. But this year, finally, I managed it!

The Lussekatter with Quark are delicious. A hint of cardamom rounds the flavour but stays in the background while saffron is the main flavour component. Like my favourite Zopf-Recipe I replace part of the butter with cream, so the dough or the formed rolls can rise in the fridge, too.

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April 17th, 2017

Easter Bunny Buns

Osterhschen-1_thumb22Easter without some Easter Bunny Buns is possible – but somehow sad. Easter Bunny Buns in various shapes belong to my Easter Breakfast since childhood. And so I used some of the dough I kneaded for the Easter bread to form some Bunnies, too.

For an easy shaping two things are important: kneading the dough to full gluten development and cooling the dough for about two hours in the fridge. This solidify the butter and adds some plasticity to the dough. The bunnies I formed with the cold dough are simple but already the forth variant I have on the blog (Here you can find Number one, two and three. Its already a little collection of possible shape 😀 !

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April 16th, 2017

Easter Bread

Osterbrot (3)[3]For our Easter Brunch with the family I baked different goodies: a varity of roles, easter bunny buns, a cake with rice pudding and an Easter Bread. The Easter Bread is this year nearly a brioche as it contains a generous amount of butter.  The amount of butter and the addition of fruits and nuts makes it necessary to knead the dough to full gluten development. This needs some patient but you will be rewarded with a tender and light crumb which can be torn into long pieces.

The subtle flavour of the sweet starter is accomplished by a mixture of vanila, orange zest and saffron. As an addition the dough contains raisin, almonds and pearl sugar which makes it one of the richer ones in my repertoire.  It is a delicious bread which needs no spread, even butter is not necessary, it is able to shine all by its self! Continue reading

February 15th, 2014

Sweet Lassi

Süßer Lassi

Melanie from Mangoseele invited us to celebrate the first birthday of her blog with a blog event that fits to her blog Name:  Mango.

Sadly Mangos come directly after strawberries on my personal allergy list. And so I had to do what I always do: I left out the mango from the recipe to prevent red dots and problems with breathing. But what I made is delicious without mangos, too: Sweet lassi.

Lassi is a indian yoghurt drink which can be salty or sweet or made with fruits (and then preferably with mangos). It is a very refreshing drink and I order it at my favourite indian restuarant always together with hot curry dishes to ease the burn of the hot pepper.

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December 28th, 2011

Orange Swirls


Of course I did not only make a variation of Martins recipe, I although baked the dough with the orginale Orangefilling. I used the same dough as for the Saffron Stars,  again with reduced sugar amount. The Orange swirls are sweet enough with all the sugar in the filling.

The advantages of the long and slowly proofing over night I explained already at the Saffron-Star post, and so I will only speak how great the Orange swirls taste. They taste very intense of Orange, with hints of saffron and caramel. Maybe the saffron is not necessary in this recipe because the orange aroma is the central taste of this sweet pastry.

In my eyes you can eat it all the time: you can eat it as breakfast, as a snack with a cup of coffee, as lunch, as dinner…

Yes, I like this orange swirls very much!

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December 25th, 2011

Saffron Stars

SafransterneI was very sad when Martin from Pain de Martin posted this summer that he would stop blogging. I liked Martins Ideas very much and his recipes often inspired me to my own recipes.

And so I was very happy when I saw some days ago that he started his new blog Lite mer bröd.  When I read the new entries I found directly one I wanted to try: long fermented saffron buns with an orange filling.

I decided to try a variation of this recipe for breakfast on Christmas. So I skipped the filling and reduced the sugar amount. For kneading I do it like I do all sweet dough: I knead the dough until medium gluten development without sugar and butter. Then I add the sugar gradually and at the end the butter. That yields a dough with a good developed gluten network because sugar and butter cannot interfere with it.


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December 13th, 2010


LussekatterI fall in love with Lussekatter – Lucia cats – already last year. This little buns are from Sweden and are a traditional treat on 13. December. Last year I had no time to bake them but this year I made the little saffron buns punctual for Saint Lucia’s Day.

Looking for an recipe in the Internet I realize that there are to groups of recipes: one using kesella – a kind of curd, the other one being a normal yeast dough. Adding curd to the buns helps to make them softer. But I decided to use no curd but to add some water roux to the dough which adds more moisture to the dough and makes it soft, too. Then I reduce the amount of yeast found in most recipes, and let the dough rest overnight in the fridge. The cold dough is much easier to handle at the next morning.

The lussekatter are a beautiful treat for the breakfast table during christmas time, with a beautiful yellow crumb and the gentle taste of saffron.

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