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October 19th, 2014

Quinoa Baguette

Quinoa-Stange (2) The pseudo grain quinoa is a fast side dish I like to make instead of rice. The flat seeds stems from the Andens and are packed with protein and minerals and they are delicious! So I was directly hooked when I saw a bread made with a relative high percentage of quinoa because they contain no gluten. Sadly I can not remeber anymore, where I saw the bread. But I could not get the thought of quinoa bread out of brain and so I decided today spontaneously quinoa baguettes.

I used 30% of home milled quinoa and was surprised how well the dough behaved. It needed a little bit more water then I expected but after some folds it developed a good gluten network. The flavour of quinoa was well recognizable when I knead the dough and while baking the whole kitchen was filled with the aromatic nutty smell. I was really exited when I cut the bread after cooling down. The crumb is not as open as a baguette but moist and flavourful. The nutty taste harmonizes perfectly with some goat cheese and honey mustard!

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April 3rd, 2011


Vierkorn-Joghurt-BrotSlowly I bring the recipes on the blog up to date again. In the last two weeks I was extremely busy again so that I manage to bake bread and other things but did not have the time and energy to blog about it.

I work at the moment again fulltime on our paper like in last autumn, to add some data the referees asked for. And like always in life (or lab) if you working under time pressure something will not do the job as you planed it. That’s the bad thing when working with living plants. I am pretty sure that they giggle very meanly when I enter the lab! Zwinkerndes Smiley

And then there was also a bad cold, a broken fridge and the preparation of a talk I had to give. But this weekend I take a break from lab work and everything else is fine again, too and started to post all of the things I  bake.

The four grain yoghurt bread I bake last weekend. Due to a little spring cleaning in my grain storage it is loaded with healthy grains and tasty seeds. It has a nice dense crumb because of all the grains and has a nice nutty taste because of the roasted seeds. Continue reading