Daily Archives: 5th August 2009

August 5th, 2009

Sunflowerseed curd cheese bread


I planed to bake Bäcker Süpkes Pumpkinseedbread last weekend, but when I take out the pumpkinseed tin there was nearly no pumpkinseeds left. I think I know the person how eat the seeds (it is not so hard to guess in a two person household :-D). Because it was sunday, I had no change to get new pumpkin seeds.

Luckily I had enough sunflower seeds, so I bake a sunflower seed bread instead. I increased both the amount of sunflowerseeds and of sesame and left out the nutmeg (well, I forget it, to be honest) and use only wheat and no spelt.

At the end it is now a Sunflowerseed-curd cheese-bread inspired by Bäcker Süpke instead of his Pumpkinseed bread.

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