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August 11th, 2009

Gaufres de Liège

Lütticher Waffel

Is there anything more delicious then waffles to a cup of coffee? Normaly I bake “Bergische Waffeln”, a round waffle consisting of five hearts which is very common here. But this time I thought about doing a dough with yeast and so I decided to bake Gaufres de Liège. They contain pearlsugar which caramalise during baking. We ate them once in belgium and they are so delicious.

For the dough you need a coarse pearl sugar, but this is not avialable in germany. But there were some sugar cubes from the streuselbatz I bake for Bread baking day left,  so I used them instead. The recipe I found asked for a huge amount of yeast, something I do not like. So I decrease the amount of yeast but allow the dough to rest longer instead and decrease the sugar amount, too.

Baking was very easy and they taste as good as I remeber! Continue reading