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May 6th, 2010

Spelt Baguettes


Ketex posted last weekend a recipe for Baguettes with Bean flour. Searching the internet I learned that in french baguettes 2% of Bean flour are allowed.

Bean flower contains a lot of lecithin which improves the structure of the dough, let the bread rise higher and makes a crispy crust. But I thought that it was to expensive to order a packet bean flower for 7 Euro just for a little bit playing around with dough. So started thinking. I had some dry azuki beans in the pantry and the manual of my mill claimed that it can also crack corn (I never tried it). But who can crack corn can also brake beans. And so I throw a handful beans in the mill and get out a nice fine flour. I would not recommend to try it with a mill with stone mill stone but with my mill constructed from steel it was no problem.

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