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June 28th, 2015


Chubz (2)Do you know this? You take a photograph, and another one, and another one. And nothing looks good. This Arabian flatbread, Chubz, is one of this cases. It is so … flat. After ten minutes of unsatisfying pictures my beloved one turn nervous and declared that bread and falafel would be better in our stomach then on a picture. And he was right, of course. So I put away the camera and we sat down to eat.

Chubz is a stable in the Arabian cuisine. In Germany you will find it falafel stalls where the chickpea balls are wrapped together into the bread. They are traditional baked in clay ovens, where they are place on the oven wall. They are simple breads made with flour, water, oil, salt and yeast. My variant of the flatbread uses wild yeasts from two kinds of sourdough what makes it very aromatic. They are baked at highest temperature in the oven (300°C) and there they need only 90 seconds until they puff up and got golden brown speckles on the surface.

The next day I give the picture another try and after a night of sleep my creative brain was working better.  I put the rolled leftover breads in a glass to gain some height which gave me a more appealing picture.

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November 23rd, 2013


RieskaI didn’t know that something like Rieska exists until World Bread Day, but when I saw the entry of Miss Boulette I was hooked.

Rieska is a finnish flatbread and can be baked in different variations. They are baked without yeast or other leavening. This recipe, which stems from Scandi Food is made with mashed potatoes. The potatoes keeps the crump soft and moist, while the flatbread develops a thin crust during baking. Served still warm with a bit of butter this is bread is a real treat!

And because Zorra collects Breads baked after a recipe from  the WBD roundup for Bread Baking Day, I send this recipe to her!

And if you want to join my Blogevent for the 5. Blog-Birthday, there is still time until 30. November 2013!

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