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October 26th, 2010

Apple cake Elfriede

Apfelkuchen ElfriedeWhen I saw Petras Apple Cake Elfriede this weekend I knew that I had to try this recipe. The picture of the cake looked so delicious.

Of course I change some small details of the recipe. For the nut cream I used almonds and no walnuts or hazelnuts like the recipe requested. I like to use the same nuts as I used in the crust so almonds were my first choice. The second change is caused by the fact that I read the recipe not attentively enough. So I mixed the cookie crumbles with the nut cream instead of sprinkle them on the top of the cream.

Its a really delicious apple cake which I can strongly recommend. I like that it is filled with lots of apples and the nut cream adds a delicious flavour to the cake. Only the crust could be a little bit more crispy for me. The next time I do it I will replace half of the honey with sugar hoping that this will make the crust crunchy.

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