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September 25th, 2010

Potato rolls

Kartoffelbrötchen I love bread with potatos, a love I share with Zorra form 1x umrühren bitte. Last year I baked three diffrent breads with potatos:

Kartoffel-Bagel-Stars, whole wheat potato bread and Bauernbrötchen after a recipe of Bäcker Süpke. But this year I did not bake a potato bread untill now.

The inspriation for my potato rolls are the potato rolls which one of colleagues likes to buy for breakfast or lunch break. The bakery which made this rolls closed last week because to many students like to buy their bread in the terrible self-service “bakery” next door. So I tried to recreate the rolls.

I used a mixture of whole wheat and all-purpose flour and made square rolls.

The square shape is easy to create: I flatten the dough and cut it in squares with a dough scraper.

I serve this delicious rolls like this mushroom quiche at my birthday brunch. Continue reading

September 20th, 2010

Rheinischer Apfelkuchen – Riemchenkuchen

Rheinischer Apfelkuchen (2)

This year is a good year for apples. The old apple tree in my parents garden nearly collapses under the weight of the fruits. So we started this Saturday to harvest. We stopped after we harvest everything we could reach with our hands or with the fruit picker. This yielded about 50 kg of fruits and there are still lots of apples on the higher branches (I would guess that there is still 100kg fruits on the tree).

We take about 12 Kilograms apples home and preserve them today in weck glasses, made chutney and apple sauce. Some of the apple sauce were used as filling in one of my favorite cakes: Rheinischer Apfelkuchen, often called Riemchenkuchen, too. The word Riemchen means little lace and refers to the lattice on top of the cake which is formed by dough stripes. It is a local speciality typical for cologne.

And what will we do with the remaining apples? Because the apple is perfect for cooking but can not be stored for more then some weeks, we will bring them to a local cider mill, where we are paid with apple juice for our apples.

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September 6th, 2010

Small Mushroom Quiches

PilzquicheThe theme for the sixth birthday of Zorras Blog Event is vegetables “In Hülle und Fülle”. That means vegetable either as filling or filled.

To my birthday brunch I serve cute little mushroom quiches. Filled with mushrooms that is maybe not the most creative submission but it fits to theme and the little quiches are really delicious.

As dough I choose the dough I found at Chili und Ciabatta . Petra used it for her kohlrabi quiche. Quiche dough Cafe Solo comes from Nicky of  Delicious Days.

The filling is a simple one: Mushrooms, thyme, parsley, topped with goat gouda.

Baked in Muffin tins they have a perfect size for a Brunch.

You can eat them with two or three bites.

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September 5th, 2010

Vanilla Cardamom Fans

Vanille Kardamon FächerLast Sunday we visit my sister in the new house. Because “it’s always good to have some pastry during renovation” (that’s what my sister told me early on the phone) I decided to bring something sweet.

I was longing for something fluffy yeasted pastry. So I thought first of my favourite braid filled with nuts. But then I remembered that my parents would join us, too and my mum suffers of lactose and fructose intolerance. So the braid was out of question, we need something without milk and nuts.

So I started to think: What happened when I just leave out the nuts? Then I would end up with dried breadcrumbs as filling. Hmmm. Bread crumb as filling sounded a little bit strange. But on the other hand we eat noodles with sugar and bread crumbs as children, and we liked it. So I give the idea a try and the filling worked out just fine.

Seasoned with Cardamom and Vanilla nobody missed the nuts. And its a good way to used up dried breadcrumbs. Continue reading