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December 27th, 2016

Stuffed Cabbage with Chestnuts and Beetroot

Vegetarische KohlrouladeSometimes it is not easy to please me. For example a stuffed cabbage recipe I tested for Christmas failed  completely due to its consistency. The filling made of pumpkin, chestnuts and porcino tasted good but was way to mushy.

And when I thought about it, I realized that one of my favourite stuffed cabbage from Ann-Kathrin Webers “Deftig Vegetarisch” offers a somehow firmer consistency due to the great mixture of cooked spelt, feta cheese and thyme. It is  delicious but a bit too rustic for Christmas. But when I was searching for my perfect burger patty I struggled with the same problem until I invented my all time favourite ABC-Burger-Patties.

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November 8th, 2015


ABC-BurgerFinally I found it: my perfect vegetarian Burger patty. It is a Aubergine, Beetroot and Champignon mushroom patty which is hold together by chickpeas, rolled oat and buckwheat flour. And this means the patty is not only vegetarian, it is vegan. And it is easily made gluten free by exchanging the rolled oats with rolled millet. An important point for a good binding is to use soaked, uncooked chickpeas and not canned one!

For the mixture of vegetables I tested already different compositions. Already my last try contained mushrooms and beet, and the idea to use aubergine was spontaneously but good. The aubergine adds a good texture to the patty while mushrooms and beet add a deep, earthy flavour which goes well with the hint of smokiness due to the pimenton de la vera. And finally I’m happy with the consistency as well as they have a juicyness without being soft. The patty stays well together while eating and is not mashed like the previous versions.

Together with homemade burger buns (see below or here (vegan) or here), some lettuce, caramelized onion and sauce it is a fantastic burger!

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November 28th, 2014



As soon as the thermometer drops below 10°C I start longing for soup. It is already half year ago that my sister served us this particular soup (that’s when I made this picture) but since fall started I cooked it already more than once.

It is an easy and fast dinner, especially when I come home freezing. Then I just need about 10 min in the kitchen and a warming soup is ready. Served with a slice of Baguette or a piece of Bread and I’m a happy person again.

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September 6th, 2010

Small Mushroom Quiches

PilzquicheThe theme for the sixth birthday of Zorras Blog Event is vegetables “In Hülle und Fülle”. That means vegetable either as filling or filled.

To my birthday brunch I serve cute little mushroom quiches. Filled with mushrooms that is maybe not the most creative submission but it fits to theme and the little quiches are really delicious.

As dough I choose the dough I found at Chili und Ciabatta . Petra used it for her kohlrabi quiche. Quiche dough Cafe Solo comes from Nicky of  Delicious Days.

The filling is a simple one: Mushrooms, thyme, parsley, topped with goat gouda.

Baked in Muffin tins they have a perfect size for a Brunch.

You can eat them with two or three bites.

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