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September 6th, 2010

Small Mushroom Quiches

PilzquicheThe theme for the sixth birthday of Zorras Blog Event is vegetables “In Hülle und Fülle”. That means vegetable either as filling or filled.

To my birthday brunch I serve cute little mushroom quiches. Filled with mushrooms that is maybe not the most creative submission but it fits to theme and the little quiches are really delicious.

As dough I choose the dough I found at Chili und Ciabatta . Petra used it for her kohlrabi quiche. Quiche dough Cafe Solo comes from Nicky of  Delicious Days.

The filling is a simple one: Mushrooms, thyme, parsley, topped with goat gouda.

Baked in Muffin tins they have a perfect size for a Brunch.

You can eat them with two or three bites.

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