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January 8th, 2011

Sourdough bread with roasted oat

HaferflockenbrotI fell in love with the sourdough bread with roasted oats when I saw it at Martins blog. And then Petra bake the bread for World Bread Day. And I knew I had to bake it, too.  Ulrike and Ursula where fast then me baked it directly. For me it take much more time. First I had to spent to much time in lab (I had busy times last year) and then I had to start a new starter.

But during Christmas and new years eve I had some off and I spent on of them for bread baking day. I baked Pandoro, Ciabatta, a new year pretzel and the sourdough bread with roasted oat. And to use the oven as good as possible I doubled the recipe.

The gentle kneading methode Martin use is for perfect when both bowls of the kitchen machine are already blocked with dough. Martin mix the dough shortly with a wooden spoon and then fold the dough every 30 min for three times.  After the third folding the gluten was very finely developed. And feeling the soft structure of the dough is better then every kind of meditation for me.

And the resulting bread is great. Airy crumb, crisp crust and the delicious flavour of roasted oatmeal. That is a bread for the “bake it again” list. Continue reading