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February 16th, 2013

Food-o-grafie # 1

Food-o-graphie (5)

Zorra has revitalized her Food-o-grafie event. A good Idea, because I love to look behind the curtains and see how other food blogger take their pictures. In the first event, Zorra asked us to tell a little bit about our camera and if we bought them especially for blogging.

For me, taking pictures is as naturally as breathing. I grow up with cameras around me because my father is a amateur photographer. My first camera was a christmas present for my sister and me. It was a Olympus compact camera – of course it was an analog film camera . I think I was around 10 years then and I used this camera for a long time. When I started at university I bought my first digital camera, a little HP, no Zoom but with 2 MP resolution. Today any mobile has a better resolution, but 10 years ago it was state of the art! But soon I wanted more, a better resolution and a Zoom. And so I bought my Kodak Z740 in 2005. I take the first pictures on this blog with this camera. But then the prices for digital SLRs started to drop and 2009 I saved enough from my salary as Ph.d-Student to buy the camera I’m using since then as a birthday present to myself:

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