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April 15th, 2017

New but old

DSC_22373The deactivation of the comments for some days made some readers a bit nervous. But no fear – we are not closing the blog but the opposite.

The server crash and the resulting problems with the databases were just another hint to start with something we planed already for some time. And so we used the days before Easter to move the blog on a new, faster server and to change some things in the background. Most of them are not obvious, but one goes down very deeply in the blog structure – we changed the way how the two languages are displayed.

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April 11th, 2017

Blog Maintenance

Due to Blog Maintenance commenting is not possible in the moment. If you have urgent questions you can write me an email to post @ hefe – und – mehr .de

March 12th, 2017

Online again

Finally we are back! Due to some technical problems with our server the blog was offline most of this sunday. As it was a problem on the side of our server hosting service(massive power outage, and due to this a broken power supply at our server) we could not do anything about it. And it feels so strange to know that the server is down. But now everything seems to be running once again and keep my fingers crossed that there will be no new shut downs!

November 15th, 2015

Technical Problems 2

 Update: We found the failure and the shop is working again.

Sadly, the technical Problems are back. This time there are problems in the bookshop presumably due to rooting problems of the provider. If you want to order a book you can do so by sending a mail to “post @”. I update this post when we fixed the problem!

I’m very sorry for any inconvenience.

November 10th, 2015

Technical Problems

Just in time for the blog birthday, we had some technical problems which made it e.g. impossible to comment. The problem is solved for now 🙂

March 9th, 2015

New Recipe Index


While surfing through the blog world, I came across a niece WordPress-Plugin. Its named Visual Recipe Index and generates a recipe picture index sorted by categories. And humans are visual beings and pictures are often much more telling then recipe name, and so I directly installed the plugin additionally to my alphabetic  Index. I fine tuned the CSS-Stylesheet until it fits my needs and added some anchors so you can jump now directly to the category you want to look at.

If you want to have a look:here is the new index…

June 22nd, 2014

A new oven



When my dearest and I move together eight years ago we did it on budget. I was about to start my diploma thesis and he just startet at university. It was not the time to buy our dream kitchen. And so we started with my old second handed stand alone oven which broke some month later. By that our kitchen layout was for a stand alone oven and so we replaced it with a similar cheap oven. And this oven worked well all the time.

But I got more and more frustrated by the fact that spills would flow between kitchen cabinet and oven and were hard to clean. And after finishing my Ph.d. I started to dream about a new build-in oven. But I do not choose easily when it comes to investing some money. I needed about a year to decided which oven I wanted. I read a lot and decided at the end to buy an oven with hydrobake function from Siemens, together with an induction stove (Siemens EQ861EV01R ). The hydrobake function keep steam inside the oven instead of letting the steam coming out during baking.

Last week the oven was delivered and we used the elongated weekend to partly deconstruct the kitchen and build it up with the new oven once again. Here are my before/after pictures and some steps in between:

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June 1st, 2013

Spring makes everything new!

After more than four and a half year I felt that I need a little bit of spring cleaning in the blog. And maybe a little bit of redecoration, too.

I don’t know how to program a blog design, but my boyfriend knows it very well and so he build me a complete new theme after my design. And I did not only get a new look, he included some great features as well. When you click on the pictures in the header, you will now be redirected to the recipe. Isn’t that great? Continue reading

February 16th, 2013

Food-o-grafie # 1

Food-o-graphie (5)

Zorra has revitalized her Food-o-grafie event. A good Idea, because I love to look behind the curtains and see how other food blogger take their pictures. In the first event, Zorra asked us to tell a little bit about our camera and if we bought them especially for blogging.

For me, taking pictures is as naturally as breathing. I grow up with cameras around me because my father is a amateur photographer. My first camera was a christmas present for my sister and me. It was a Olympus compact camera – of course it was an analog film camera . I think I was around 10 years then and I used this camera for a long time. When I started at university I bought my first digital camera, a little HP, no Zoom but with 2 MP resolution. Today any mobile has a better resolution, but 10 years ago it was state of the art! But soon I wanted more, a better resolution and a Zoom. And so I bought my Kodak Z740 in 2005. I take the first pictures on this blog with this camera. But then the prices for digital SLRs started to drop and 2009 I saved enough from my salary as Ph.d-Student to buy the camera I’m using since then as a birthday present to myself:

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