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June 22nd, 2014

A new oven



When my dearest and I move together eight years ago we did it on budget. I was about to start my diploma thesis and he just startet at university. It was not the time to buy our dream kitchen. And so we started with my old second handed stand alone oven which broke some month later. By that our kitchen layout was for a stand alone oven and so we replaced it with a similar cheap oven. And this oven worked well all the time.

But I got more and more frustrated by the fact that spills would flow between kitchen cabinet and oven and were hard to clean. And after finishing my Ph.d. I started to dream about a new build-in oven. But I do not choose easily when it comes to investing some money. I needed about a year to decided which oven I wanted. I read a lot and decided at the end to buy an oven with hydrobake function from Siemens, together with an induction stove (Siemens EQ861EV01R ). The hydrobake function keep steam inside the oven instead of letting the steam coming out during baking.

Last week the oven was delivered and we used the elongated weekend to partly deconstruct the kitchen and build it up with the new oven once again. Here are my before/after pictures and some steps in between:

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May 13th, 2010

No bread today

… because our oven is broken. When I turn it on today to bake our lunch it smells like burned plastic and when the temperature reached 180°the oven turned off. I know this problem because the same thing happens two years ago (at 13.May 2008 says my notice on the bill) when the oven was just one and a half year old. I am so angry and frustrated! Tomorrow I have to call the service and asked how expensive it would be to repair the oven.

Luckily I have enough bread in the freezer and the stove is still working so I can cook at least.