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August 10th, 2009

Coffee Caramel Icecream

DSC00494It is a kind of tradition now: once a week we make some icecream at work. When the lab heat up to 30°C and water condens on tubes at the ciceling to fall down on my head, it is a little treat for us to stay motivated!

This week we did a Coffee-Caramel-Icecream, and we had to be creative, because a coffeeroom did not provide the same things then a kitchen. We have no espressomaschine, so we have to make coffee with our senseo.

But the ice cream was great. It has  a strong coffetaste with a hint of caramel. Continue reading

August 9th, 2009

Cold Coffee extract

EiskaffeeDeb from Smitten kitchen posted last year about cold-brewed coffee. I read the post just now, and was fascinated. It sounds so simple, mix grounded coffee with cold water, let sit over night and then strain. And it should taste less bitter and sour then cooked coffee that cooled down. That sounds very promisinig to me.

I love trying new recipe and I love coffee, so I walk in the kitchen direktly  and mix water and grounded coffee. The next day I strained the coffee and fill a glas with homemade vanilla icecream and coffeextract. I ignored the part in the recipe saying mix extract with equal amount of water or milk because I like this espressolike taste of the extract very much.

Then I taste and now I can tell: Deb is right! It is the best Icecoffee i ever made! Continue reading