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February 21st, 2015


SilserkranzI nearly missed that Zorras Bread Baking Day waked from its hibernation and that there is indeed a theme for February! But luckily I stumbled over Announcement of Ina-Christin who is its hostess in this month. And because she loves pretzels as much as I do she wishes us to to bring pretzel variations. This makes it easy to come up with a recipe for her.

I baked a Silserkanz, a Swiss speciality of six pretzel rolls forming a crown. The dough is nearly the same as in my pretzel roll recipe, I just used some milk instead of water. And I believe that this change make the crumb even a little bit more fluffy then the old variant.

For a spontaneous baking the Silserkranz turned out well. The next time I would just cut the rolls a little bit deeper to avoid the uncontrolled cracks that formed in some of the rolls. But this is just a minor drawback and only disturb my inner perfectionist.  The rolls are delicious and a eye catcher on every table!

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November 22nd, 2014

Lye rolls with sweet Starter


It is near to self torture to bake lye rolls which has to be frosted as soon as they are cooled. While starring on the still hot rolls I asked myself: “WHY? Why did you not make the double amount?” Because I LOVE lye rolls. But I proofed that I can control myself and did not snack a single one. But just because they were meant for the birthday brunch of my love.  If they wouldn’t be for him, I would not guaranteed for anything…

For this lye rolls I followed Dietmars advice and warmed the lye to 30°C. This gave the rolls an incredible shine! And because they are so delicious and beautiful and a star for every birthday table they are perfect not only for my loves birthday but as well for my blog birthday event!

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October 4th, 2013

Spelt Pretzel Rolls


Annette asked at the recipe for Ulmer Spatzen if she could use spelt flour instead of wheat flour for the rolls. I told her that it should be fine to bake the rolls with spelt. Parallel my brain started to work. I was dreaming about pretzels already for quite some time, so baking a spelt pretzel roll sounds great for me.

At the end I made a new recipe, because I decided that I would rather use a pâte fermentée and hot soaker to prevent the pretzel rolls from getting dry, something that can happen easily when baking with spelt flour.

Due to the soaker the rolls has the perfect crumb, dense but soft and not dry at all. A perfect pretzel roll!

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December 10th, 2010

Ulmer Laugenspatzen

Ulmer LaugenspatzenWhen Petra posted the recipe for Ulmer Laugenspatzen (Lye sparrows of Ulm) I thought instantly “I have to bake this!”. But then I baked a lot of other breads and forget about the little sparrows. But last weekend they told of lots of snow in the weather forecast so we knew that we we would stay better at  home and do little beside of shovel snow and drinking hot tea afterwards. When snow is falling outside I like to be in the kitchen baking Christmas cookies and bread. After baking a lot of cookies I wanted to eat something salty and so I remembered the Laugenspatzen.

I changed the recipe a little bit (of course!) because I used a different preferment then Petra. That was due to the fact that I plan to bake some toast bread and thought that it would be easier to use the same preferment for both dough.

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