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December 2nd, 2012

Potato Carrot Bread


Some of the best recipe are made by chance. And by chance I bake this delicious Potato Carrot Bread. We had a dish called “Möhren untereinander” for Supper. This is made of mashed potatoes and carrots, a typical dish in the Rhineland. And when we had some leftovers, I decided to bake a bread with it. I love all kinds of potato bread and so a potato carrot bread sounded perfectly to me.

After kneading the dough was still sticky but after three rounds of fold & strech the dough get a smooth sureface and was easy to handle.

In the oven the bread developed a very nice ovenspring and developed a thick, crunchy crust wiht a soft crumb. The taste is complex due to the sourdough and the subtle note of allspice, nutmeg and caraway. It goes perfectly with a bowl of soup or alone with some butter and fleur de sel.

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February 21st, 2010

Carrot cake (or Carrot Cupcakes)

DSC_1560Hedonistin of low budget cooking asked to bake cakes that are “with chocolate, healthy or completely different” for her event “Kleine Kuchen” (“small cakes”). A carrot cake sounds very healthy but if you take a look on the ingredients list you will recognize that this cake belongs in the category “with chocolate”. You can’t taste the carrots but they make the cake wonderful moist.

For my cousins birthday I bake the dough in the muffin pans and top the little cakes with chocolate cream.

The recipe is from “Handbuch für das tägliches Backen” from Pfeifer & Langen in which I wrote the amount of the ingredients for a small springform next to the recipe years ago. Continue reading