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September 9th, 2009

Pumpkin gnocchi

Kürbisgnocchis It’s clearly autum: in the supermarkets I see the first christmas cookies (thats cruel! I don’t want to think about christmas yet!) and the shelves are filled with pumpkins! I love pumkins, they are my favorite vegetable in autum! Today I cook pumpkin gnocchis. I found the recipe onNicole Stichs Blog Delicious Days.

I change the recipe at two points: I did not use the potato ricer but my foot prozessor, because this is much easier to handle. The second change was that I use not all purpose flour but bread flour. The reason is an easy one: I had only bread flour at home!

The dough is very sticky, but like the Ricotta-Gnocchi it is easy to roll the dough when the counter is well floured. With sage butter it is a delicous dish. Continue reading