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May 7th, 2009

Buttermilk Honey Bread

These week I found in a forum the statement from an experienced user that dough should not ferment after kneading but have just a short periode of resting (about 30min). A conclusion I disagreed very energetic, because in my opinion the first fermentation is necessary for giving flavor to the dough and strenghend the gluten. (The dough we discussed about was a dough with 2 % fresh Yeast and a mixture of whole wheat flour and white flour)But to my disappointment he gave me no reason for his opinion, he refused to discuss the topic with me, he just give me the feeling, that I am so stupid that I do not know about this.

So this statement left me puzzled and I read and reread a lot in my baking books, but all of them have fermentation periodes (1 hour and longer) and the explanation I learned: the dough gaines flavour and strength while fermenting. At the moment I have no reason to change my recipes.

But I would like how you handle your dough, and why? Do you just rest him (not more then 30 min, dough rise not visible) or do you ferment him (around 1 hour, dough double his volume)?

But I did not spend my week just discussing about fermentation, I also bake bread, of course with a fermentationperiode of 1 hour 😛 Continue reading