Daily Archives: 14th May 2009

May 14th, 2009

Leek rolls

The last two days were very busy, so I came home so late, that I was to tired to cook. Yeasterday I stayed in lab untill 10 pm, and all I eat for dinner were some cookies, one Hanuta and some indian salty snacks. Not a balanced diet! 🙁

But today I left on time at 5 pm. Having a look in the fridge I saw that the leek really need to be used! But both of us did not like to the Idea of quiche, so I had a look at Chefkoch.de and found a recipe for leek-rolls. The dough is not so nice, using to much yeast and butter instead of olive oil, so I decided to use my favorite pizza dough. But the filling sounds very delicous, containing sour cream, cheese and leek. Continue reading