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May 27th, 2009


When I get my new copy of Bertinets “Crust” I discovered immediately the recipe for Bagels. It was one of the first recipes I had to try.

Since this time I baked bagels often, because we both like them very much and they are fast and easy to make. But in the last weeks I baked so much new recipes, that I neglected this recipe a little bit. So my boyfrind asked me this weekend, if I could make bagels again. Of course I could!

The dough is a very stiff one, so that the machine had to work very hard, but the good thing is, that you can work with the dough without sticking.

Another nice thing about bagels is, that you can refridgerate the formed bagels over night, at the next morning you just has to boil and to bake them, so you get fresh bagels for breakfeast without alot of work. Continue reading