July 6th, 2009

Anouncing BreadBakingDay #22: Sweet Breads

breadbakingday22To my great delight Zorra from “1x umrühren bitte” asked me to host this month BreadBakingDay!

Bread Baking Day is a monthly event featuring bread and was created two years and 1 month ago from Zorra. We had a great Pizza-Party last month to celebrate its second birthday. Please visit the mouthwatering round-up on Zorras blog!
I thought long about the theme of this month and at the end I came back to my first thought: Sweet Breads. Although I love a good slice of whole grain bread for lunch or dinner, I prefer sweet bread for breakfast (especially on weekends).
So I would like to meet for a virtual breakfast with you and everyone brings the sweet bread she or he likes. You can bring Challahs, Blatz (a german sweet bread), Croissants, sweet buns … choose whatever you like (as long as it is bread and sweet 😉 ), then bake it and blog about it.

How to participate in BDD #22:

  • Bake a sweet bread and blog about it.
  • Please link back to this announcement in your post, and eventually to the roundup.
  • Fill in the submission form below and your post will be listed in the roundup. The red asterisk marks the requiered fields. You will get a mail when submission is done, but be patient, it needs about 5 to 10 min untill you get the notification.
  • Your recipe can be written in every language you like but please rember that english is the language that most of us understand, so it would be nice if you include a translation (for example with google translator) in english.
  • Last day of submission is august 1st, 2009.

There seems to be a problem with the succsefull submission notification email, when your Character encoding is not utf-8 (unicode). The email seems to be blank then (Happend with Googlemail and Yahoo). I installed now an update that should fix the problem. As long as you get an email (blank or not),  I recived your submission, so you don’t have to worry about it!

Update: The Roundup is now online!

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  4. Lien August 2nd, 2009

    Too bad I had to miss out on the 22th edition of BBD because I was on holiday in july… and even more sorry that it had to be this theme. Me and my sweet tooth would have loved to participate. Ah well, I’ll just be waiting for all those wonderful entries to appear!!

  5. AP269 July 29th, 2009

    I’ve just sent in mine… This is my first post to the BBD and I’m really looking forward to reading all the other posts.

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  9. Elle July 23rd, 2009

    Thanks for hosting! I love the sweet bread idea for this time of year…lots of sweet fruits to add to breads.

  10. Family & Food July 15th, 2009

    ich backe sowohl mit dem Brotbackautomaten als auch im Ofen. Ich hätte ein leckeres, süßes Brot aus dem Brotbackautomaten, über das ich gern berichten würde, weiß aber gar nicht, ob das hier erwünscht ist???

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  12. Cathy (breadexperience) July 7th, 2009

    Hi Stefanie,

    Thanks for hosting BBD #22. This will be my first entry. I’m looking forward to making sweet bread. Do cinnamon buns qualify? We just finished baking those in the BBA Challenge.

    The Bread Experience

    1. Stefanie July 7th, 2009

      @ Moira: Blatz is typical for the region around cologne, and I really love it!
      @ Cinzia and Noor: I am curious what you will bake!
      @ Nick: I am a very cruel person ;-): so go and do some laminated dough 😀
      @ Cathy: Cinnamon buns are perfect!

  13. Noor July 7th, 2009

    I can not wait to make this bread, I have something in mind already :). I have not been in BBD for awhile now, not sure why I love it..

  14. Noor July 7th, 2009

    I have not participated in awhile, not sure why I love doing this :). I can not wait to get started I have something perfect in mind already.

  15. nick July 7th, 2009

    I suppose now you’re giving me the go ahead to make some more laminated dough and eat 1,000,000 calories for breakfast one morning this month!

  16. cinzia July 6th, 2009

    lovely theme, stefanie!
    and to tell you the truth … breakfast is my favorite meal!
    I will bring you something very sweet!

  17. Moira July 6th, 2009

    Hi Stefanie,
    I’m glad you’re hosting BBD#22. I will try to participate with pleasure.
    As well as you i love sweet breads for breakfast on the weekends with butter or jam and a cup of coffee. I never ate Blatz i think… but love sud German cakes.
    Regards from Portugal

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