Daily Archives: 25th September 2009

September 25th, 2009

Whole wheat potato bread

Kartoffel-Vollkornbrot I am back from my holidays and I am back in the chaos. The lab I am working in is moving into a new building and after two years of postponeing the university preponed it now. So instead of having a whole week to pack my stuff in lab only the weekend was left. When we came back I go dirctly to the lab. I was so relived that I sorted everything in advance!

The moving itself was very exhausting and I was to tired to write something in my blog or even to read other blogs. But the main part is now done and today I have a day off because we have a security inspection. We Ph.d. students should stay away because the less persons are around the less mistakes can be done (like entering a lab without labcoat).

So I have time for answering comments, reading other blogs, writing new posts and enjoying Susans weekly Yeastspotting. Of course I bake a little bit, too. A soft whole wheat potato bread! Continue reading