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October 25th, 2009

Zopf filled with Nuts

nusszopfAfter our lab moved to the new bio center we are now nearly back to everyday life. Some things are not working as they should, but it gets better every day! In our coffee room we miss the new kitchen (it will be delivered later this month) but we have already tables, chairs, and a coffee machine, so we have all things which are essential for a nice break. Thats why I could bring my birthday cake (with a month delay).

The Nusszopf I bake is a very nice pastry, filled with a soft mixture of hazelnuts, caramelle, cinnamon and vanilla. The filling keeps the zopf fresh so its no problem to bake it one day in advance. Continue reading

October 22nd, 2009

Multigrain Bread with soaked oat grains

Dreikornbrot (2)

The last breads I bake had all a nicely soft crumb but for the next bread I longed for something hearty. So I wake my sourdough and bake a bread with wheat flour, spelt flour and oat grains.  I soaked the oat grains overnight so they get soft but not to soft.

The bread had nice very nice taste, but I overproof it a little bit, so it loose its form a little bit. It does not have an influence on the taste but I am a little bit disapoint because it looks not so nice. Continue reading

October 16th, 2009

Joghurt-Honig-Vollkornbrot mit Pâte fermentée

Joghurt-Honig Brot mit VorteigZorra von 1x umrühren bitte hat zum 4ten Mal zur Teilnahme am World Bread Day aufgerufen. Dem komme ich natürlich nur zu gerne nach. Jeder, der am 16.10.09 ein Brot bäckt und verbloggt oder auch über ein gekauftes Brot einen Post schreibt, kann daran teilnehmen. Man muß nur bis zum 17.10. seinen Beitrag über das Formula auf Zorras Seite anmelden.

Mein Brot für den World Bread Day ist im Grunde kein neues Rezept. In ähnlicher Form habe ich es hier mit Buttermilch und hier mit Joghurt gebacken. Aber diese Variante mit Pâte fermentée gefällt mir am Besten. Es ist so wunderbar locker geworden, dass man nie denken würde, dass es sich hierbei um ein Vollkornbrot handelt! Durch den etwas höheren Buttergehalt eignet es sich auch sehr gut als Toastbrot, doch ich esse es lieber ungetoastet entweder zum Frühstück mit Honig oder mit Salat und Käse als Sandwich. Continue reading

October 8th, 2009

Choclate Pear Cake

Schoko-Birnen-KuchenI do not bake often cake just for my boyfrind and me, because this means eating days and days the same cake! But since I got a small springform (Diameter: 18 cm) for Christmas last year,I can bake tiny little cakes now which are very fast eaten 😉

Today I bake a Chocolate Pear Cake because I found two very ripe pears in the kitchen. The dough is from “Advanced Bread and Pastry” from Michael Suas, I just cut down the sugar amount and used only baking powder instead of baking powder and baking soda.

To mix first flour and butter and then adding sugar and liquids gradually was new for me, and the dough was very thin, but the cake came out perfectly tender and soft. Continue reading

October 6th, 2009

Pumpkin Bread

KürbisbrotAutumn means to me: red leaves, apple scent and orange pumpkins. So what is a better bread for autumn then a pumpkin bread?

The basis for this bread was a recipe for simple bread with poolish, I just replace the water with pumpkin puree. My pumpkin puree contains some water, so I get a soft dough and did not need do add some water.

The bread turned out nice, with a nice orange crumb and a slight taste of pumpkin. But the next time I would add some pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seed oil to enhance the flavor. Continue reading