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July 16th, 2019

Little Lemon Cheesecakes


In the (until now) hottest week of this summer we had a barbeque with the colleagues. When we planed this get-together it was still nice and cool and I volunteered to bake a cake. But when the temperature climbed wide above 30°C I was not so enthusiastic about turning my oven on anymore.

I needed something else and so I opted for a “Fridge Cake” with lots of cream cheese, white chocolate and lemon. And this spontaneous cake was liked very much and so I promised to bring my short notes into a proper recipe and publish it on the blog.

But there was no picture and so I had to “bake” it again. I used the chance to fine tune the recipe. One major change is that the cake is prepared in individual servings now. Adding a bit of basil to the lemon curd is another tiny change that makes the recipe even better. And so I like my version 2 even more then version 1 and I’m well prepared for all the warm weather to come!

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October 23rd, 2017

Plum cake with separate baked streusel

Zwetschgenkuchen3You can scold me for coming up with this recipe now, add the end of plum season. But the cake is too good to vanish for another year in the draft folder and I had to wait to try this idea for to long time. Problem was the freeze during spring that left us nearly no good plums. And so I had to wait for the late plums until baking this cake.

The special twist I longed to try was baking the streusel separately. This helps do avoid soaked streusel and adds a nice crunch to the cake.  The cake itself and the streusel recipe as well are old friends you know already. But combined they make a great team. Save the recipe for next year in case you get no plums any more!

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March 15th, 2015

Goldknödel with Sweet Starter

Goldknödel (2)I love the fact that my sweet Starter enables me to bake more or less spontaneously with a delicious preferment. And when my parents asked us this morning if we want to meet in the afternoon for a cup of coffee I decided to bake a family classic: Goldknödel (Golden Dumplings).

The recipe stems from the transsylvanian branch of the family and we all love it. My variant here contains less yeast, a preferment and cream instead of butter. This makes the crumb fluffy and enables me to proof the cake overnight if I want to. But today I choose the fast variant and proofed the cake at room temperature.

The cake is served uncut, and everyone can break a piece from it.

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February 6th, 2015

Wiener Patzerlgugelhupf

Patzerlgugelhupf (2)

The Patzerlgugelhupf is a speciality from vienna. “Patzerl” means “a little bit” and the cake is called like this because of his different fillings: a little bit nut, a little bit quark, a little bit plum butter, a little bit poppy seeds. A cake which is perfect for people who can not make up their mind and a cake which is perfect to use up left overs. I saw a picture of such a cake in the net some time ago and fell into love with it. And so I had to bake him. And because I always love to use the sweet starter as preferment for pastry, I used him here as well. But for those who do not call this kind of sourdough their own: You can replace him easily with a biga! Continue reading

July 27th, 2014

Alsacian Kougelhopf


Nearly a year has passed since our visit in Alsace in our summer vacation. One of the souvenirs  I brought home after two splendid weeks in france was a clay baking form for Kougelhopf. It is sitting on my kitchen cabinet since then, waiting for me to create a recipe for Kugelhopf.

This weekend I finally found the time to study different Kougelhopf recipes. But I did not like them, all of them use a lot of yeast and give the dough no time to rest properly to develop a good flavour. And I wanted a recipe which uses a preferment for better taste and longer shelf life! And so I decided to use my own interpreation with a sweet starter which helps to rise the buttery dough without using a lot of yeast.

The cake is more time consuming then other recipes you may find in the web, but it develops a fine complex flavour and light and feathery crumb. I imaging that even my alsacian great-grandmother would have enjoyed it!

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February 2nd, 2014

Nut cake


Some recipes are just what they seemed to be. Like the “simple and delicious nut cake” recipe which I found on Alex’ Blog Foto e Fornelli. The picture was very tempting and I made a mental note to try the recipe as soon as possible. And when my mum called to ask if we want to meet spontaneously at the weekend, I had THE excuse to bake the cake.

It was a good idea to make this cake because everyone liked it very: moist, nutty and chocolaty is a mixture that never fails! A new favourite cake of our family!

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November 9th, 2013



Some recipes are so time consuming that they were only made for big events. The Baumstriezel is one of these recipes, something my Transylvanian ancestors would have bake for weddings and christenings. And maybe for a 5th Blog birthday as well?

A traditional Baumstriezel is baked over red hot coal wrapped around a  big piece of wood, rotating the cake until the sugar starts to caramelize. Even nowadays it is made rather seldom and so I’m always exited when I could get a piece.

So it seemed the perfect recipe to celebrate the fifth birthday of “Hefe und mehr”. But how to make such a cake without open fire in the kitchen (when setting the kitchen on fire was no opportunity)? I decided wrap the dough around a wooden rolling pin  and to use the overhead grilling function of my oven for baking. That means that I had to stay in front of my oven all the time during baking. Every minute I turned the rolling pin a little bit until the sugar caramelized at all sides.

It was quite time consuming but it worked out perfectly. And so I could enjoy some sweet Baumstriezel to honour my Blog Birthday (with ongoing Blogevent).

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June 4th, 2013

Rhubarb Cake

RhabarberkuchenAfter visiting my parents garden we came home carrying an arm full of tender rhurbarb. And because we can not always eat oven roasted rhubarb I decided to use one half for a cake – while I roasted the other half in the oven (I can not get enough of oven roasted rhubarb).

The cake is a variation of my grandmothers “Ribiselkuchen” (Ribisel is dialect for Johannisbeere (red currants)). It is made of a shortcrust pastry and a filling made of whipped egg white, sugar, almonds and rhubarb slices. It is a classical and good mixture, a balanced mixture of sweet and sour, soft and crisp, just the perfect, delicious cake for Sunday afternoons.

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March 23rd, 2013

Poppy Seed Gugelhupf


A dear friend and favourite colleague doesn’t like poppy seeds. She always tells me that. And then she brings me from her lunch break little pieces of poppy seed cakes to try, because she likes it so much. And tells me about this great recipe for poppy seed rolls, which she could not find in her recipe folder anymore and that she is upset about that. Having this facts in mind, I decided to take a risk when baking her birthday cake.

In the January/ February –Issue of the Magazine “Landlust” I found a recipe for a Poppy seed Gugelhupf and I was very sure that she would like it. The dough contains a lot of eggs and butter, which keeps the cake soft and moist, which is the perfect consistence for a gugelhupf. The cake contains mainly grounded poppy seeds, some almonds and nearly no flour. It is flavoured with grated lemon peel, vanilla and a little pinch of cinnamon. Some lemon juice adds a fresh taste.

The only problem is the tendency of the cake to stick to the pan, even to my non sticking one. So take care to not only grease it very well but although sprinkle the greased pan with some grounded almonds or flour so the cake will come out more easily.  But beside this it is a lovely cake which I baked already twice.

And did my friend like the cake? A big “yes” and she is now thinking that she maybe like even poppy seeds 😉

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July 5th, 2012

Apricot Almond Tart

Aprikosen-Mandel-Tarte I thought already last year about baking a tarte with apricots and almonds. But somehow I never made it. When I tasted the first apricots of the year, they where aromatic but sour, and I thought that they would be perfect for a tart!

And so I did not hesitate and bought some of them and baked small apricot almond tarts last weekend. Since I got this nice little tart forms with a diameter of 12 cm I tend to use them all the time, whenever I bake quiche or tart. The small tarts and quiches are perfect for lunch at work or as little present for friends.

For the apricot almond tart I used as custard some frangipane, a custard mixed with almond creme. I wanted to use the recipe from Michael Suas “Advance Bread and Pastry” but then decided to use less sugar but more egg and almonds.

I like the mixture of sweet almonds custard and tart apricots very much. A new favourite cake!

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