Daily Archives: 31st January 2010

January 31st, 2010

Spelt Oat Whole grain cookies

When I have to stay in lab until late in the evening, I need some carbohydrates somewhere at the late afternoon or early evening to refresh myself. One or two cookies are perfect for that, best with some coffee and a chat with my colleagues.

My favourite cookies are wholegrain, with a lot of oats inside. I love this nutty flavour of oat cookies. When I saw the recipe for digestive biscuits on Swirl & Scramble I knew I had to test it!

I made some minor changes due to my pantry: I used freshly ground spelt and oat, replace brown sugar with raw sugar and add some homemade vanilla sugar. I also add a pinch of salt as I always do when cooking something sweet.

The cookies turned out perfect. So good that I bake the double amount! Continue reading